Getting Married in Denmark - Tønder Town Hall


Looking to get married in Denmark but live in Germany? Then Tønder Town Hall would be a great option for you if you are flexible and can plan ahead, There is only 200km's between Hamburg and Tonder.


Ceremony days - Tuesday & Thursday

Document Presentation - Same day

Timeframe between approval and appointment - 3 months

Witnesses provided - Yes they are, but you may get faster availability if you provide 2 of your own.


Where is Tonder?

If you are looking for the compromise and ease of getting married in Denmark, but also getting married near the German border with minimal residency and stress then Tonder is a perfect choice!

It is a beautiful location, and so close to the German border. There is only 200km's between Hamburg and Tønder, which makes it a great location to marry for those wanting a quick easy wedding process as you do not even need to stay in Denmark over night. 

This is why getting married in Tonder Town Hall is  so popular, and makes such a great location when you are getting married in Denmark but live in Germany, or are travelling from Germany.  

Not only is it so handy for couples it is also stunningly beautiful area.

Where will I Marry?

 The town hall in Tonder is beautiful and the ceremony room is spectacular!

Getting Married in Tonder
Where you will marry in Tonder Town Hall


The Ceremony

The ceremonies in Tonder are quite beautiful. The registrars are committed to ensuring that every couple that they marry feel unique and special.

Ceremonies can be held in English, Danish or German, document presentation is 15 minutes before the ceremony so you can go and marry in under an hour. You will walk away with your internationally recognised wedding certificates straight after your wedding, witnesses are provided so this is the real idea of a true romantic elopement!


The History & Sights in the Area

Tonder has a long history with Germany, it grew in the 12th Century as it was a large market town, however after large floodings in the area then dikes were built and this blocked the goods arriving by boat to the town.  In the 17th century the town again experienced growth in the lustrious lace market and this can be seen in the wonderful coloured buildings around the town.  Throughout the two worldwars the town swapped between being a Danish run state and a German run state, however was officially handed back to Denmark in 1945 at the end of the second world war.

As I've mentioned Tonder is beautiful!

Of course Wadden UNESCO National sea Park is a must see and here you can see the black sun, flocks of migrating starlings that literally block out the sun light it is an amazing sight.

Getting Married in Tonder
Beautiful sunset in a venue near Tonder.


There are  also sea lions, sea walls , glorious walks and sights. You could easily walk for hours and enjoy the peace and the nature that surrounds you.  For more information please see the website.

Our Recommendations

There are some wonderful restaurants in Tonder, at marry abroad simply we love restaurant ROS but there are many more to visit!

Hotels in Tonder are again wonderful and very Danish, there are 11 in the town centre and each one is so individual and different, our personal favourite is Hostrups hotel, that has a wonderful tapas/wine bar and free WIFI!

Please see our Pinterest Board for some more lovely images of Tonder.


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