Instragram-able spots in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is visited by so many people every year because of its amazing charm, it is a capital city so it is full of wonderful landmarks and stunning architecture from centuries ago.  It is also such a modern city, constantly being regenerated by some of the world leaders in 'green' technology and the city manages to offer a beautiful mix of old and new.  

There are certain areas in Copenhagen that are recognisable throughout the world, the coloured buildings the river, the little mermaid statue. However for some of our couples who are travelling into Copenhagen for a short space of time and aren't hiring a photographer, they still certainly want to be able to post some photos on Instagram for the world to see and show the stunning surroundings that they had for their special day.

So we thought we would give you a little DIY photo guide of the most awesome and instagram worthy sights and views for you! As time is usually limited when you are there to get married, so you want to maximise your time knowing where the best spots are.

Copenhagen Insta
Copenhagen night sky is worth a photo, reflecting off the water


NYHAVN (New harbour)

Nyhavn (New Harbour) is the number one tourist attraction in Copenhagen, with it's picture perfect shots water side bars and restaurants there is always a great atmosphere as people enjoy the surroundings.  The streets are lined with wonderful colourful houses and yachts

Nyhavn Copenhagen
Iconic Nyhavn in Copenhagen is famous for its colorful houses!



The area of Christianshavn is again close to the water and hosts the same colourful houses.  There is also the Danish Royal Opera House and the architecture is stunning.  For great shots we do recommend that you visit this area in the sunset hours (the golden hour), it will really make your pictures POP!


The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are amazing and something that really benefits from all the rain that there is in Denmark!  They are green, they are lush, they are beautiful and they are certainly a spot for some amazing photos.  There is also a Butterfly room and the Palm room that are great for pictures!


Botanical Gardens Copenahagen
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens is something magical in sight and smell


Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is well known in Copenhagen as it is a full theme park that is right in the centre of the city!  Wonderful day or night, Winter of Summer the park goes through each season with decorations to match.  There are parks and gardens and lakes and fun fair rides, bars and restaurants, so many different places to have a great insta shot!


Tivoli Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are incredible for photos!


Amalienborg Palace 

The Amalienborg Palace is the Danish Royal Family Winter residence and is as full of pomp and circumstance that a Royal Family deserves, there are actually 4 palaces at the location and was originally used to entertain visiting aristocrats.  So here the shots are again endless, you may even be lucky enough to see the guards marching or you may just want to be stood with your new married partner in front of the architecturally amazing palaces!


Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen
Home of the Danish Royal family is worth a visit and a photo!



Krusemyntegade is a wonderful area in Copenhagen, and a very special one too as it has slowly transformed over time, this street represents the 'classic' image of Denmark and does not seem to match the glory of the capital city centre.  It is rustic, it is cute and it is PERFECT for a instagram shot!


Copenhagen Instagram
Somewhere that is incredibly difficult to pronounce!



Orestad is an area of Copenhagen with a wonderful danish mixture of water and architecture and nature, it puts into a picture the stance on the Danish people of regeneration and 'greener' ways to maintain and expand a city.

Any shot here is all about the reflections in the water and as a relatively calm area  of the city you can certainly take some time to get the perfect shot of nature and urban landscapes in the same area.

And just look how the sun sets!

Orestad Denmark
Architecture, nature and water meet! A lovely Danish view!



Reffen is a special place as this is one of the locations that City Hall choose to hold their 'open air' ceremonies in the Summer months.  It is an area fully devoted to street food!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, bar time, it is one of the largest street food market in all of the nordic countries.  


Reffen Copenhagen
Getting married in Copenhagen Reffen food market is lovely!


Gorgeous photos courtesy of lovely Ekaterina - Photo by Yaltykova


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