The Simply Everything Service

One of our most popular services is the Simply Everything Service.. This is the service that is ideal for couples who have a couple of months before their ideal wedding date, they have only an approximate date so are flexible and are ready to get started with the process and get the application made and then rest and relax whilst doing the fun side of the wedding planning.

Your role? Simply provide the documents and be there on the day!

Get married in Copenhagen City Hall
Get married in Denmark on a budget.

When you have sent us all the documents on email or whats app we 'take over' the whole process as we are your power of attorney for the wedding in Denmark, and make your wedding application with the Danish Agency of family law to obtain your license to marry. We will agree the venue and rough date - and then we are away doing what we need to do whilst you sit back and get on with your everyday. 

Also with the Everything service the €252 (1900DKK) application fee is included and we pay that on your behalf to the Agency of Family Law/Familieretshuset.

Once we have the approval and license issued, we will liaise with the town hall and book your Danish wedding ceremony, and send you full confirmation of f where you need to be when and with what and all of the details of our trusted suppliers to help you up to your wedding day.

At this point we will then introduce you to our amazing concierge service for double the MAS support!  Of course your consultant and documents specialist will still be there for you, but you will also have the added bonus of our concierge service who will be able to provide more specific recommendations and help.

The Simply Everything Denmark package is a comprehensive service designed to expedite your wedding in Denmark. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's included:

  • A complete and detailed list of necessary documents along with a guide, provided free of charge.
  • Unlimited support and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • AFL/Familieretshuset fee totalling €252, covering all associated taxes.
  • Arrangements for venue, registrar, and witnesses (available on weekdays and select Saturdays).
  • Handling all communication with Familieretshuset/AFL on your behalf.
  • Coordination and booking of your Danish wedding ceremony
  • Provision of two International Marriage certificates
  • Concierge support for guidance on any necessary bookings with verified vendors.
  • Full and immediate refund if your application faces rejection.
  • Guidance on the Legalization by Apostille process in Copenhagen, minimizing costs to €30 only.

If once approved the dates are not working out or your timescales, we can either change venues for you at no charge, or you can upgrade for just €350 and we will arrange a private registrar in Copenhagen City hall. It's the perfect fusion of speed and flexibility for your wedding abroad in Denmark.

We would love to help you with a wedding in Denmark to make your trip complete, please contact us for a completely FREE no obligation documents list by CLICKING HERE. or you can Whats app us direct on +45 71 49 34 83

You can also check out our YouTube Channel HERE for some visual information on getting married in Denmark - hear it from the best wedding planners in Denmark!