Where Can I Get Married without a Single Status document

Getting married without a single status document can be challenging, as most countries require proof that you are not currently married to another person. This document is often called a "Certificate of No Impediment," "Certificate of Freedom to Marry," or something similar. It serves as evidence that you are legally eligible to marry.

It is a sad reality that if you are same sex or mixed religion in countries where it is unfortunately not legal to be in one of these types of relationships obtaining a single status certificate is not possible and could actually be life threatening to obtain.

Or if you need to marry in a hurry perhaps due to a company relocation, illness or pregnancy, you simply do not have the time to obtain a single status certificate or certificate of non impediment which in some cases can take upwards of 6 months.

And in some countries which demand Single status certificates to be less than 4 months old, if a document takes 6 months to arrive this creates a horrific documents loop which you cannot get out of.

When you are getting married there is so much to think about, your life long commitment to someone else for one :)   But in addition  there is also lots of documentation to registering, de-registering, re-registering and name changes!  And all of this can take so much time, so we specifically work with 2 locations that require the least amount of paperwork, as a wedding should be fun and allow you to focus on each other and your futures - so the less documents the better to allow you to do this.

If you do not have a single status document, here are some options to consider

Fast places to marry
As a foreign or international couple there is very little paperwork in Denmark or Gibraltar



Here we require NO birth certificates and NO single status certificates



Here we require birth certificates and NO single status certificates.

For some International and Foreign couples it is best for you to get married in Denmark as there are no birth certificates and it is a fast, easy and stress free process if you are allowed entry, and as we work with around 100 Town Halls the availability for you to get married quickly and cheaply is huge.

If you are not able to obtain access to Denmark because of border restrictions, and if you want to look at more than 4 months ahead, then we look at you getting married in Gibraltar as the best option.

If you are not able to get your full and final decrees of divorces or death certificates fully legalised to the requirement of the Hague Apostille convention then Gibraltar are your best option as they do not need legalisations.

We really are the best Agency for anyone looking to get married abroad quickly and easily, and help over 120 international and foreign couples marry EVERY MONTH. No matter what your circumstance, or if you think your case is complicated or difficult - we can help. We will discuss what documents you have and then look at whether getting married in Denmark or getting married in Gibraltar is the best option for you.


Gibraltar requires;

Passports/EU ID Card

Visa for entry to Gibraltar (if required)

Original birth certificates

Any females or males who are married before that resulted in a name change need previous marriage certificates

Divorce/death documentation from previous marriages

* You need to be in possession of the originally issued documents and anything not in English needs to be translated into English with a certified translation company or translator


Denmark requires;

Passports/EU ID card

Visa for entry to Denmark (if required)

Divorce/death documentation from previous marriages, legalised if necessary.

Relationship Document

* Anything not in English/German/Danish needs to be translated into either English/German/Danish with a certified translation company or translator


We also have a great app where you read about the locations and venues in more detail, the app is available on Google play and App store this app has all the information that you need, detailed descriptions about all the venues in each location.  Once you start the process you will have a secure log in to able you into the 'My Ceremony' section where all your personalised details and documents are.

If the app isn't enough for you, we are here to answer all your questions, phone, email, WhatsApp, messenger, how ever you want!

So let us help you and then let us be the smallest part in your largest day!

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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