The last few days have been extremely difficult for a lot of people and with no end in sight there are couples that may have given up their dream of a Springtime Danish wedding. But do not lose hope! Once the borders and Town Halls are re-open Denmark is still the fastest place to marry in the world!
As of March 12th the Danish Government have announced that due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic all schools, creche's, Universities and town halls are closed until the 13th pf April (at time of writing). What does this mean for you if you have a wedding booked in Denmark? How do you go about changing the date or putting your ceremony on hold? Read on - we can help!
If you are looking at Getting married in Denmark and live in Germany then Aabenraa is really a great location for a ceremony close to the German boarder, where you can have a ceremony really quickly after approval from the Danish Authorities.
Haderslav is in the South of Denmark, it is another venue that is a good option if you are looking at getting married in Denmark and would like to be close to the German border. It is only 58km and a 45 minute drive from the Flensburg German/Danish border.
Sonderborg is really easy to get to from the German border - only 45km and 41mins from the German Flensburg/Danish border! Or from Copenhagen (352km's 3h 10mins) and Hamburg (202km's 2h 10 mins).  It is on the east coast of Denmark close to water which allows for beautiful scenery! And it has an airport!!
If you live in Germany, then Denmark is the perfect place to get married! It has been widely reported that it is a difficult and long process to marry in Germany... So why put yourselves through the stress when you can have breakfast, simply drive a few hours over the border, get married and drive back home for your wedding day dinner! With International Legally recognised Wedding certificates IN GERMAN!!
If you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark somewhere between the German Border and Copenhagen City then Ribe or Ejsberg could be a perfect solution. Beautiful coastal Danish wedding, and many outdoor locations for your special day. Denmark has so much to offer for marriage!
If you are looking at Getting married in Denmark and considering a Danish Island wedding that is a bit different then read on! Your wedding planner in Denmark can help you with a lovely new Danish Island Wedding option...
Helsingor is one of the most gorgeous towns in Denmark, only 50km's from Copenhagen and 10km's from Sweden. Shakespeare loved it so much his play Hamlet is set in the castle, with a dramatic coastline that will guarantee amazing wedding photo's!
Getting married in Denmark in Tønder Town hall is perfect for those getting married in Denmark who want a beautiful location - that is close to the German boarder. There is only 200km's  between Hamburg and Tonder which makes it a great location to marry for those wanting a quick easy process.