When thinking about marrying in Denmark we think of International couples, same sex weddings, quick easy weddings, little documentation required.  
If you are looking at Getting Married in Copenhagen you may wish to look at other venues within the area of Copenhagen, as there are stunning alternatives, even a Danish Island. Copenhagen is always the easiest location for International and Foreign couples because of the airport, but the wide choice of wedding options is little known.
Getting married in Denmark in summer 2020 is still a possibility. We can organise you a fast wedding in Denmark once lockdown is lifted, and you can look at any venue in Denmark!
Do you have a wild heart and are looking at getting married somewhere that reflects the natural purity of your soul, your love and personality? Even an elopement is too conventional for you? The how about the Faroe Islands. A binary location that is neither Nordic, Danish, Scottish or Icelandic. As beautiful, unique and individual as your love for each other.
If you are looking at getting married in Denmark quickly, stress free and within days of your approval, in a venue close to Copenhagen then this is a perfect option for you to get married in Denmark! Turn up, present documents, marry and leave the same day, and it is only 1 hour by train from Copenhagen. Also known as Stor Heddinge, or Stevns Klint, it is a lovely UNESCO heritage site area.
If you are looking at getting married in Denmark you may be thinking 'Can I have a bridal bouquet if I am eloping and getting married abroad? And the answer is "Of course you can!"
We are often asked by our couples who are getting married in a Denmark or Gibraltar what they should wear to a town hall wedding? What will everyone else be wearing? Is there an elopement dress style?
If you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark you have probably heard the terms "Danish Agency of Family Law" and "Familieretshuset" mentioned several times. This article explains what the Danish Agency of Family Law are, and what the Agency of Family Law are NOT. What they do, why, how, and where they fit into the process when you Get married in Denmark.
Those that have not applied yet and are wanting a ceremony in the late Spring/Summer- Simply Everything Service 745€, Those who have applied and their application is in the system - SOS Service 345€. Those who have had their approval and are waiting for the town halls to re-open and book their ceremony. Support You Service - 195€
A blog written by a truly inspirational International couple, who beat all odds and pandemics to marry as planned in Copenhagen during lockdown as an emergency case. "15+1 Steps: How a citizen and a resident of Germany can get married in Copenhagen in the times of COVID20. There are some things money can't buy. Find your soulmate! For everything else, there's... Leanne!"