Wedding in Denmark - Simply Everything Service




This truly comprehensive package is our premium service where a dedicated consultant takes care of
every aspect of planning and delivering your perfect wedding. From documents and paperwork to
venues and travel, from florists and catering to music and entertainment. With your authorisation on
file, we can act on your behalf from the very first step on your path to marriage. That first step could
be compiling and submitting your file to the Danish Government Office, or it could be recommending
venues months before your application has been made. Our Simply Everything service means just
Couples turn to us because getting married abroad can be complex. Many do not have the time to
coordinate the different steps, or to stay on top of the process from start to finish. It may seem
overwhelming, particularly if you need to get married in a hurry or in special circumstances. We
specialise in international couples, EU and non-EU, same sex marriage or unique situations. We will
identify all your legal and administrative requirements and build your file for speedy approval. And
we can also find a stunning venue in a beautiful location where you can enjoy your perfect day.
Say yes to a stress-free wedding. It really is that simple.

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