The Copenhagen City Hall Wedding

As you are here reading this blog then we assume that you already know that Denmark is well known for International couples getting married in a glorious environment.  It is the cosmopolitan city of great culture and this makes it so popular for couples to come from all over the world and marry. As well being easy to fly into, the City Hall only 20 minutes from the International airport, and the City being absolutely chock full of Hotels, Airbnbs, Restaurants, Cafes, Tourist attractions and bars.

Thousands of Foreign, International and Same sex couples come to Denmark every year with the aim of getting married in Denmark - especially getting married in Copenhagen! All of the ceremonies are held in the stunning Copenhagen City Hall Ceremony room.

Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room
The stunning Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room

Copenhagen City Hall has standard ceremonies everyday except Tuesday and Sunday, and you can book these with our standard €745 Everything service, but you do need to plan ahead, as generally they are fully booked around 8-12 weeks ahead of time. The ceremonies are usually held between 11am - 2pm and you need to be able to present the documents the business day before the wedding.

There are private registrar spaces available in Copenhagen City Hall for Tuesdays all day, and also before 11am and after 2pm as fast as the day after your license arrives (availability permitting!) with the Express service of €1095 or the Super Express service of €1495. And these services include express document presentation just 30 minutes before your wedding. No-one can organise you a quicker wedding, we are the fastest, most experienced and best wedding planners in Denmark and Copenhagen. 

Whichever service you choose, the witnesses are provided (except for weekend private ceremonies on a Saturday and Sunday which are available with the Weekend Express), and also included is the Agency of family law fee, taxes, application, registrar, venue, marriage certificates, full customer service and support, our awesome Concierge service, and also guidance on how to do the legalisation of your certificates with an Apostille yourself to reduce the costs of that to €30 if you wish.

All of the ceremonies are held in the stunning Ceremony room, and are held in either English, German or Danish. You must both be able to speak a high enough language of one of these languages or you must take a translator with you. And your International marriage certificates are issued the same day straight after your wedding in English, German, Danish, Spanish or French all on the same certificate.

Copenhagen has been for some time an iconic place to marry, Copenhagen City Hall and a Copenhagen City Hall Wedding can make an elopement or a full wedding celebration something that you and your friends and family will remember for a life time. 

Get married in Denmark
The stunning and imposing Copenhagen City Hall


Set on Copenhagen’s City Hall Square, this iconic and beautiful building was built in the years 1892-1905 and was designed by the architect Martin Nyrop with inspiration from Siena City Hall in Italy. City Hall is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen, and offers a great view over the city from its 105.6 meter-high tower.


City Hall Wedding Office

Being that Copenhagen is the capital City and City hall have been championing international marriages for many years, they are a super force in making couples dreams come true.  With their relentless team of registrars they are determined to marry couples all day every day.. over 7000 ceremonies held in Copenhagen City Hall annually, and each one being as special as the last. And every year sees a 20% increase on couples wishing to marry with them.


The City Itself

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as Connie Neilson a great Danish Actress said “If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with an appetite for the new and with respect for the old - somebody who takes good care of things and of people.”

The city, is of course stunning with so much embedded history and culture it attracts people from all over the world to enjoy its amazing architecture, museums and monuments. 

Copenhagen Photographer
Nyhavn is a popular location for photos with the Iconic colored houses


It truly is an idyllic place to marry, take a look through our instagram feed for some amazing photos.. Or try our blog with details of everything that you need to know about Copenhagen.



Of course we have to look at logistics, where ever you are travelling from be it Europe or the other side of the world, Copenhagen is a massive HUB, there is the airport 'katstrup' and also the train station that connects the whole of Europe by rail.


The Culture

Copenhagen has a culture not typical of other capital cities it is modern and yet historic, it is multi-cultural open and accepting to all.  There are so many sights to see, restaurants to eat in, bars to drink in and simply far too many to mention in this blog.. 'but' we will know you will enjoy it, cherish it, remember it and want to re-visit it!


The Wedding

You are advised to arrive at Copenhagen City Hall at least 15 minutes before the ceremony time. Once you enter the building, make your way to the Grand Hall and then you follow the lovely love hearts on the floor that guide you to the ceremony room.

Follow the hearts up a stunning stone spiral staircase and then you will enter the waiting area.

This area is quite gothic in its atmosphere and is always full of couples and wedding guests. There is a small cloakroom where you can hang your coats (remember it can be cold in Denmark)! And maybe even more importantly there are full length mirrors so you can check that everything is in place for the big moment!

Please remember to take photos, if you have guests ask them to take photos, you are probably slightly nervous and you want to have memories of everything!

The registrars at City Hall hold approximately 15 weddings per day, this may seem like a lot, however the registrars are truly amazing and enjoy the first wedding of the day just as much as the last wedding that they officiate. Each ceremony is different, once your name is called and you enter the smaller ceremony room then you will be greeted by your registrar and there will be two others present from Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Office that can act as your witnesses if you are there alone.

The ceremony will start with the registrar saying some words about love and marriage. Watch out these are beautiful words and have been known to make people cry! If you have prepared your own vows then the registrar will ask you to exchange your vows now and then you will both say "I do", it is possible to exchange rings. and then the registrar will announce you as a married couple.

The witnesses and yourselves will then sign the certificate and the register, and you are then a legally married couple!

It is mandatory that you both understand what is being said during the ceremony. If you wish for the ceremony to be held in a language other than Danish, English or German, it is required that you hire an interpreter. Please speak to your wedding coordinator if this is the case, they do not have to be an official translator, but they will need to sign the marriage paperwork.

There is room for a maximum of 60 guests in the Wedding Hall, and your guests are welcome to take photos and videotape during the ceremony. There is free wifi in city hall and it is very strong allowing ‘streaming’ to be possible, however the registrars do ask that everyone is connected before you enter the ceremony room, and you have accounted for someone or something to hold the camera during the ceremony. The ceremony room can be quite dark as there is no external light so please also account for this. For a video of a ceremony please see here.

All couples receive an international wedding certificate that is valid throughout the world.  The venue of Copenhagen City Hall is just wonderful and our happy couples leave in awe of the registrars and the beauty of the whole occasion.

But what happens once you have your ceremony date booked for Copenhagen City Hall?  If you want to know the process to get you to that point then please see the blog 'how to get married in Denmark'.

You are then free to leave!  You are a married couple!  You can now start your wonderful new adventure together!  Congratulations!

If you are interested in getting married in Denmark at the Copenhagen City Hall and want to know more about this subject, please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation documents list of what is required. We are expert wedding planners in Copenhagen and Denmark, and have helped over 3000 International couples so far, and are the number one choice for foreign couples to get married easily.


International couples marrying is easy
Wedding planners in Copenhagen Marry Abroad Simply can help you


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