Where can I get married in Denmark near the German border?

Many couples with links to Germany, such as one or both parties may be Resident, Citizen, Visiting, Tourist, Students. Military, on holiday, like to look at getting married in Denmark as an attractive, easy and stress free option to a wedding abroad.

The paperwork is less than is required if you wish to get married in Germany, the waiting time is far less, the marriage certificates issued in Denmark are legally recognised in Germany (and worldwide) and are issued in the languages of English, German, Danish, Spanish and French on the same certificate, So the German offices do not need them to be translated when you register your Danish marriage back in Germany.

You can marry in Denmark as a Tourist, turn up marry and leave the same day - which makes getting married in Denmark near the German border a popular choice. Which does mean you will have to start planning a little further in advance, or you will need to be flexible on which Town Hall in Denmark you marry. 


Getting married in Denmark near German border
Popular wedding locations in Denmark near German border

The most popular Venue is Tonder, they have ceremonies on a Tuesday and Thursday, with document presentation the same day of the wedding. This venue is the most popular wedding venue in Denmark, so you need to have your license at least 3 months ahead of the date you would like to marry. And you will still need to be flexible on date.

We then have Ribe & Esbjerg - They have ceremonies for International couples on a Friday (in alternating locations Ribe/Esbjerg) if you need witnesses to be provided, and then also a Saturday if you are able to take 2 of your own witnesses. Ideally you will need 4-6 weeks from date of your license to the ceremony day you would like.

Sonderborg is a great option and can be faster than the 2 venues above, as the document presentation is on the Thursday, and they only have ceremonies on a Friday. It is advised you are driving if you look at this venue as the document presentation location and ceremony locations are about 20 minutes drive apart. Witnesses are provided and it is advised you allow 3 weeks (minimum) from date of issue of license to the wedding date you would like.

Kolding/Christiansfeld - This is a very popular venue and they have ceremonies 7 days of the week. Document presentation is business day of the wedding UNLESS you are marrying on a Saturday or Sunday and then the document presentation is on the Friday. Witnesses are provided 7 days a week. And document presentation is always in Kolding, which is about a 30 minute drive from Christiansfeld, so it is advised to drive, or get a taxi from Kolding. Generally space 3 weeks from issue of your license.

Aabenraa - this fantastic venue has ceremonies every weekday, with document presentation just before the wedding at the same location. Witnesses are provided but you will find there is faster availability and more date choice if you are able to take 2 of your own witnesses. You can generally marry in around 2 weeks (maybe faster, it is seasonally dependant) from issue of license.

Fredericia - a lovely venue which has flexible dates depending on when the Mayor and registrars can marry you, a lovely option if you are very flexible on date and want a very Danish wedding experience. Document presentation is same day as the wedding. And generally a date around 4+ weeks from date of license being issued.

Please do contact us for a free no obligation documents list and discussion about German border venue is best for you if you are looking at getting married in Denmark as there are many factors to consider with marrying in a location near Germany.

Very much looking forward to helping you!

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