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As you all know, almost everywhere in the world, everything has been put on pause during these strange times due to the coronavirus/covid19 pandemic.  During this time a lot of us have had time to think and reflect on our lives where we are, how we live them and I hope that we have all benefitted from this tragic situation in some way and can find some positives.

Even though our lives have certainly slowed down, we haven't stopped, and your wedding planners in Denmark Leanne & Sam are still hard at work helping couples,  and neither have the wonderful people at the Agency of Family Law in Denmark (Familierethuset) stopped working either. 

We have continued to work closely with them and we can now announce that we have workable, affordable solutions for all couples that are at any point in the process of their application to marry or who have been approved to marry and are waiting for their appointment after the lockdown.

Please remember that we are able to speak to the Agency of Family Law everyday once the offices re-open and up to that point we have a direct contact with them where we can speak about specific couples and applications.

Please read our blog about a true love story that lead to a wonderful couple able to be married just after the lockdown was announced.

As of yet we DO NOT have a date for the re-opening of the Danish boarders or the town halls, as we shared in our Coronavirus/covid19 updates The Danish Prime Minister is beginning to think of the re-opening and that she hopes that it will happen after Easter on a slow basis, however the details for this we don't know as yet.

We feel as though couples that this affect will fall into 3 main categories;

* Those that have not applied yet and are wanting a ceremony in the late Spring/Summer.

* Those who have applied and their application is in the system

* Those who have had their approval and are waiting for the town halls to re-open and book their ceremony.



So here is a quick breakdown of what the situation is at this time and how we can help you.. 


Those that have not applied yet and are wanting a ceremony in the late Spring/Summer.

We are currently still open for business and helping lots of couples prepare their applications. The Agency of family law are still open and responding very quickly to emails and questions.  Once you have an application approved the 'Permission to Marry' is issued and this has a validity period on of either 4 months or the validity of any visas allowing either parts of the couple to enter Denmark to marry.

They have stated that we can make applications now and then place them on hold.  This means that once approved the validity period of the 'Permission to Marry' is not eaten into by the time between the approval and the end of the 'lockdown'.  However during this time the Agency of Family law are still letting us know if anything else is needed for the application to be approved.  Helping our couples have everything perfect and the 'Permission to Marry' being issued as soon as we take the applications off hold.

If you are wanting to go ahead and make your application to ensure that your approval comes through as soon  as the lockdown has finished then please contact us for your free document list and state that you are wanting to go ahead with the Simply everything Service 745€.


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Those who have applied and their application is in the system

For those of you who have applied and are stuck in the system not really knowing what to do or where your application is, then we can help you with our SOS Service .  We can contact the Agency of Family Law for you and find out where your application is, what else is needed in order to get your approval.  We will work with you and the Agency of family law until we have your approval and then we will book your ceremony for you in a wonderful town hall that suits you.

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Those who have had their approval and are waiting for the town halls to re-open and book their ceremony.

For these couples, previously the Agency of family law had stated that the validity on the 'Permission to Marry' once expired would mean that the couples would have to apply again and re-pay the fee to the Danish Authorities.  This is no longer the case and we can now re-open the application (only after the current 'Permission to Marry' has expired) add on any new/extended or renewed visas and they will re-issue the 'Permission to Marry' from the point that the current one has expired.  This will be again based on the validity of any travel visas.

For couples in this situation then we are offering a service called the 'Support You Service' this has a fee of 195€ and this will enable us to re-open the application and make any amendments to the application for you and get you an appointment booked at a town hall that suits you.

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If you don't fall in to one of these categories then please don't worry we can also help you too, we also promise that we are here for you if you just have a question.  You don't need to commit to any of our services.  We have helped thousands of couples and have a wealth of experience with the process of getting married in Denmark.


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We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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