Getting Married in Denmark quickly after covid

As we all put 2020 behind us with a shudder and a sense of relief, we are all now experiencing more freedom and even more importantly - some more places that we can again visit TOGETHER with our loved ones. It has been tough for couples, lovers, families and relationships, of whom have been indirectly affected by COVID as well as possibly directly.

We are passionate about reuniting hearts, souls and loves, and getting married in Denmark is certainly the best and fastest option for foreign, international and same sec couples that are looking to get married quickly and easily with very few documents.

International borders are opening up to those of us that are vaccinated or have negative COVID tests, so it's time that we can begin to put the past behind us and to focus looking forward onto the future and re-ignite those wedding plans that we put to rest!

A lot of couples have been separated in the past 12 -18 months, and for this reason there are a lot of international couples that want and need  to get married as quickly as possible, and by doing so safeguarding an enforced split is less likely to ever happen again, and they can finally put the lives that have been on hold firmly into forward motion.

Why is Denmark the easiest place in Europe to get married? Over 15,000 International couples marry in Denmark every year and here is why...

- NO Marital Status documents needed
- NO Birth Certificates needed
- Marry on a tourist VISA
- Perfect for International, Foreign and Same sex weddings
- Document presentation same day or business day before (venue dependant)
- Venues within 20 mins of the Airports
- Venues within 45 mins of the German border
- Legally recognised International Marriage certificates issued same day in German, English, Danish, Spanish & French
- Weddings held in languages of English, Danish or German
- Get married in around 2 weeks (certain situations and venues)

The perfect elopement and the dream stress-free way to marry after the most stressful of 18 months.....


Danish Island Wedding in Copenhagen
Easiest place for International couples to get married.


So with a fresh spring in our step we are letting you know all the wonderful things about Denmark, getting married in Denmark, and how we can help you with arranging your ceremony in an amazingly smooth stress free manor, ensuring that you and your loved one need never be parted again!


Copenhagen External wedding.
Get married in Copenhagen in under 2 weeks

How, Why and Where are three common questions when we are trying to find out about something.  So we have made 3 blogs that answer those specific questions!  How to get married in DenmarkWhere to marry in Denmark so in this blog we will explain why marry in Denmark.


Denmark is a progressive thinking country..

Denmark is well known for it's liberal thinking, it was the 12th country in the world to make same sex marriages legal.  Championing the thinking of equality for all.  

It has become one of the easiest places to marry in the world allowing for International couples to marry with an uncomplicated list of documents needed to marry.  The ceremonies are non religious, yet fully legal.

Danish Island wedding photographer
Foreign, International, Same sex weddings and marriage welcome. Love is love!


It is a beautiful country..

Denmark itself is a stunning country you have almost every landscape that you can wish for apart from mountains the highest point of land in Denmark is only 171metres high!  The coastline is amazing and the beaches are straight from a dramatic movie.  The country is made up of 406 islands the majority are uninhibited.

Copenhagen, and all the cities are cool, cosmopolitan, environmentally friendly and have historic tales from monuments that lead to great dinner table stories.

The smaller towns are stunning with often multi-coloured buildings still living their ancestory of fishing and crafts whilst remaining 'cool' and cultured.

Denmark still has 18 working lighthousesthese are all very important as except for the island of Bornholm, Denmark is located at the transition between North Sea and Baltic Sea which includes the Skagerrak and Kattegat waters.  Dangerous seas for the ships and boats that pass the shoreline frequently.

When thinking of where to choose to marry in Denmark please see the blog Town Halls In Denmark Which one is Right for you.  Some are city, some are coastal, some are on islands the choice is vast and you can have great fun choosing which one you want!

Marriage in Aalborg
Denmark is the easiest location in Europe to marry - and the prettiest

Quick timescales..Get married fast in Europe with very few documents.

Since the reform in the Danish government in January 2019, the process is simple and easy.  There are no grey areas at to the documents that you need, all the applications are managed by a central government agency so it's easy to see where you are in the application process.  Once approved your 'permission to marry' is sent electronically to the town hall where you will be marrying and then you can book your appointment.  Granted if you are applying directly the channels of communication may not be a clear, and it is advisable to choose a reliable wedding planner to help you with the process.

Get married in Copenhagen quickly
Let the best wedding planners in Denmark help you get married quickly

The Danes are wonderful..

Everytime we hear from our couples after they have been married they say "it was so beautiful" and "everyone was so lovely and helpful".  These comments always make our hearts jump.  Getting married is nerve wracking, getting married abroad can be even more nerve wracking.  You are going to a foreign country, for a lot of people it's their first time in Denmark, not a lot of couples speak Danish so they will find themselves asking a lot of questions.  The Danish are always so helpful, see this blog from "Study in Denmark" that help explains the way of thinking of the Danes.  And always think of Hygge.

Danish Island wedding sunsets
Get married in Denmark by the sea, near a beach in a town - it is up to you



The History of the country..

Denmarks first writings are in 500ad, that is a long time ago and the history surrounding the country can be seen everywhere. Of course you have the Viking era that started in the 9th Century and can be seen in towns now such as Aarhusa walled city that has the most incredible Viking museum!  In the early 10th Century the Kingdom of Denmark was created and along with that came the castles and amazing sites that are now heritage sites.  There is so much history, and can be read about here.

Get married in Kolding Denmark
Get married near the German border 



Denmark is situated between Sweden and Germany.  Kastrup Airport which is just outside of the city centre is a major hub that accommodates long haul from all over the world and low cost airlines from all over Europe.  It welcomes flights for 20 hours in every 24 hour period.  In 2019 it hosted 33 million passengers.  Denmark is part of mainland Europe and there are international rail routes which link Denmark to all of Northern Europe and Germany.


Getting Married in Denmark town hall map
Get married quickly and easily in Denmark near the German border or an airport


We at Marry abroad simply help keep those fears and anxiety at bay by taking on the often complex administration for you. We are professional and personable and you will have the same consultant the whole way through and able to contact them directly via email, phone, whats app, text or messenger - as we understand that "People marry People" and you want someone who knows you, your partner and your situation to speak to quickly when you have a question.

This means that you and your partner can keep that feeling of excitement from engagement to wedding day. After saying “ Yes, of course I will Marry you!“

Another great resource and aid, with helpful tips for trying to plan or reorganise a wedding after COVID can be found on HERE thanks to our friends at 77 Diamond who also understand the frustrations of pandemic wedding planning.

Why wouldn't you marry there?  For a little visual inspiration, please see our pinterest board Getting Married in Denmark.

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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