Denmark is a country of history and traditions and there are lots of wonderful Danish Wedding traditions! If you get married in Denmark why not try one of the Danish wedding traditions for your Danish elopement?
If you are looking for the easiest place to get married in Europe without the need of a Single Status certificate then you should look at getting married in Denmark or Getting married in Gibraltar. Neither of these locations need a marital status document.
If you are getting married in Denmark and want something a little different for your Copenhagen wedding photos - how about you head to some of the amazing architecture that is in Copenhagen...
When we get married in Denmark or Gibraltar can we live stream or zoom our guests in so they can watch our ceremony? Yes you absolutely can, it is a great idea and a popular one so you can include all of your loved ones in your elopement.
Can you get married in Denmark or Gibraltar on a tourist VISA? Yes you can indeed! As long as you have legal entry into the country you wish to marry, whether that be with VISA, 90 days VISA free, Permit, EU ID, EU Citizenship, along with any other documents required, you are able to marry.
Many couples contact us and ask "can we get married in Denmark just over the German border?" or 'Can we get married in Denmark as a German resident" Or "can we get married being in Germany on a tourist VISA?" the answer to all is Yes!
If you are getting married in Denmark and considering a venue, you may muse why get married in Copenhagen City Hall? Well, As well as being the grandest ceremony room, the marriage registrars are the only ones in Denmark who actually write their own personal speeches for your marriage. An all round super nice team, who really do love what they do.
Where can I marry quickly in Europe as a Foreign, International or Same sex couple really fast on a tourist VISA and without any stress... When this is searched on the internet there are lots of options, but as we specialise in FAST weddings without loosing any of the LOVE.. there can only be one answer - get married in DENMARK!
Have you ever wondered why so many people get married in Denmark? Well have a little read of this lovely international couples story as to why getting married in Denmark was the best option for them.
With a fresh spring in our step we are letting you know all the wonderful things about Denmark, getting married in Denmark and how we can help you with arranging your ceremony in an amazingly smooth stress free manor, to the timescale that you want - from 2 weeks to 4 months ahead, ensuring that you and your loved one need never be parted again!