Getting Married in Gibraltar, The Lounge Restaurant & Bar


In Gibraltar, there are 18 stunning venues available for weddings outside of the Registry Office. At Marry Abroad Simply, we've crafted a service that enables couples to exchange vows at three of these remarkable locations, just the two of you, without the need for guests or elaborate receptions.

This is called our Gibraltar Speciality Wedding Service

We handle all the necessary paperwork, coordinate with the registry office, secure your ceremony booking, organise document presentations, and facilitate affidavit signings at the notarial office.

The Lounge Bar is one of the fantastic locations we can offer with our speciality Gibraltar packages.

Our comprehensive package covers venue rental, registrar fees, notary,  two marriage certificates, postage, and a letter on the day from the Civil status office to state you are married (as the marriage certificates follow on about 6 weeks later). Also with the Lounge bar it is included Cava for the Bride and Groom to have a toast, and a meal for 2! 


The Lounge Gibraltar wedding
Micro Elopement in The Lounge

This restaurant is the brainchild of sisters Sonia and Michelle, who established the family-owned business in 2010. Captivated by the serene ambiance of Queensway Quay Marina, they envisioned a haven where both locals and tourists could escape the chaos and unwind. Their vision materialised in the form of The Lounge Bar.

At The Lounge Bar and The Lounge Gastro Bar, patrons can always expect freshly prepared dishes crafted by skilled chefs, utilising only the finest seasonal ingredients. Whether indulging in a gourmet meal or savouring a refreshing drink, guests are guaranteed a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Queensway Quay Marina.

Getting married & planning a wedding in Gibraltar
The beautiful Queensway Quay Marina

The Ceremony Room offers seating for up to 50 guests, but is also perfect for just a small elopement of 2 of you - providing an intimate setting for your service.  It really is a lovely location, with views over the harbour.


Getting married & planning a wedding in Gibraltar
Cute little romantic touches at The Lounge

Whatever your preference, we're here to ensure your special day unfolds seamlessly in the warm and welcoming ambiance of The Lounge.


The Lounge Gibraltar
Watch the sunset after your wedding at The Lounge

Gibraltar holds a special place in the hearts of many, renowned worldwide as a delightful destination for swift and straightforward weddings. Offering legally binding civil ceremonies, recognised globally, Gibraltar caters to all religions, orientations, and preferences. With just a 36-hour stay requirement—ample time for document processing and marriage—the country stands as an ideal choice for couples seeking a hassle-free union.

While registry office weddings typically necessitate 4-6 weeks of lead time, we can often arrange specialty weddings within two weeks, especially with greater availability on weekends and evenings.

Opting for a Saturday ceremony? Speciality weddings present the best option as you can have a wedding on every day of the week except Sunday, you do need to take into account when choosing a date that document presentation is the business morning before the wedding.

For those seeking a swift union, consider Mondays at the City Hall Gibraltar, with document presentations usually scheduled the preceding Friday. Plan a long weekend getaway, arriving Thursday night to tie the knot on Monday—a low-key option starting at €795 with our Gibraltar Everything service.

Make the most of your time in Gibraltar by exploring its offerings. From the captivating Welcome to Gibraltar or Gibraltar Tourist Board sites, you'll find a wealth of inspiring activities to enhance your stay.

Situated on the southern Spanish border, Gibraltar is easily accessible. Fly directly into Gibraltar airport or Malaga Airport, with convenient transportation options from Malaga to La Linea, just a brief walk from the Gibraltar border - check out travel options HERE

Embrace the tropical warmth of Southern Spain's climate, complete with lush palm trees and vibrant greenery. While English is the primary language, Gibraltar boasts a rich Spanish influence, offering a delightful blend of cultures, cuisines, and languages.

Let us accompany you on this journey, guiding you every step of the way until you're pronounced married. We're committed to ensuring a seamless process, handling any adjustments or amendments needed along the journey—all you need to do is inform us.

What documents do I need to get married in Gibraltar?

- Passports
- VISA for entry (if relevant)
- Originally issued original long version birth certificates
- If you are married before then the originally issued full and final Decree or Death certificate
- Any previous married females or males with name change need also the originally issued marriage certificate
- Any documents not issued in English, you will need a translation and certificate of translation\
- Evidence of at least 1 nights stay in Gibraltar

The process

We send photos of the documents and the forms to the Civil Status office for verification pending sight of originals and get your date all booked. All you need to do is be at the registry office the business morning before your wedding and present the originally issued original documents, you are given your affidavits to take the Notary (we organise all of that for you and it is included in the cost) and return the affidavits to the registry office before 2pm the business day before your wedding.

You then just make sure you are at the venue you are marrying at least 10 mins before your wedding time the following day.

Additionally, Gibraltar offers civil partnerships, ensuring every couple can choose the path that suits them best.

Things to bear in mind

- Witnesses are not included, if you require them we can organise them, you need 2 and there is a local £25 cash charge on the day to each for time and travel
- The marriage certificates are not issued on the day. They are sent to you about 6 weeks after you are married, and on the day you are given a letter from the Civil status office confirming you are married
- You must be 100% sure you are in possession of the originally issued originals of the documents from office of original issue, or have signed and stamped certified copies of the originals from the office of original issue. If you present copies, laminations, scans, photocopies etc at document presentation the wedding cannot proceed.

We are here to offer guidance and provide a complimentary, no-obligation document list for marrying in Gibraltar or Denmark. With expertise in all documentation and scenarios, including international couples, rest assured, we're your trusted partner for a smooth wedding experience. Reach out to us via any of the contact methods listed below; we're here to assist you every step of the way.

We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation documents list of what is required for you to get married in Gibraltar - just contact us on any of the methods below..

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