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Venue Alert - City Hall’s Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery 

For all couples marrying in the registry office in Gibraltar, the venue has moved from Secretary’s Lane to the beautiful City Hall, specifically in the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery.

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The grand Entrance to Gibraltar City Hall.


This venue is a cultural gem. Since its inauguration in 2015, Gibraltar City Hall has been a prominent visitor attraction. The Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery, which is within the City Hall, showcases exceptional local talents with newly acquired works enhancing Gibraltar’s artistic heritage. The venue, strategically located on the ground floor of City Hall, was chosen for its historical significance, architectural beauty, and grandeur.


Get Married in Gibraltar
Rather a grand entrance! Ceremony room is the door to the right


The City Hall Experience

The City Hall building is as captivating as the art it now houses. Originally built in 1819 as a private mansion by Aaron Cardozo, Gibraltar City Hall has evolved into a cultural cornerstone. Nestled on the ground floor, the historical significance and architectural beauty created by a prosperous merchant of Jewish Portuguese descent has undergone various transformations, making it an ideal choice for your destination wedding. From a private residence to a hotel and later the seat of the Gibraltar City Council, the building has evolved while preserving its historical charm.

With ties to Lord Nelson and a rich history of serving the community, City Hall stands as more than just a venue; it is a testament to Gibraltar's cultural tapestry. Today, as the proud home of the Mayor's Parlour and the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery, City Hall continues to weave together the threads of history and contemporary artistic


Getting Married in Gibraltar
Beautiful ceremony room in The City Hall - room for guests!


Why choose Gibraltar for your wedding?


Legal Simplicity and Recognition

As a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar’s streamlined marriage laws and globally recognised British marriage certificates make it an ideal choice for your destination wedding. Couples can tie the knot without the usual bureaucratic obstacles, with no marital status documents required.

Stunning Scenery 

Imagine exchanging vows with the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop or amidst the historic allure of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Adventures and Culture: Dive into Gibraltar's history and culinary delights, making your elopement an extraordinary experience.

Adventures and new experiences

For those with an adventurous spirit, Gibraltar is a playground of possibilities. From scenic hiking trails to captivating underwater adventures, make your elopement an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Discover more information on why you should get married in Gibraltar this year.


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Personalised and Memorable

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Whether you need a full Gibraltar wedding service, complete with organising documents and witnesses or you require a wedding service in one of our external Gibraltar venues, we offer a tailored plan to suit you. We also offer a ceremony-only service in Gibraltar for simplicity.

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- Demonstrate at least one night's stay in Gibraltar.


Whether you envision a registry office wedding or prefer an alternative venue, we can arrange for your registrar to officiate at external locations. Explore our blog section for inspiration, with over 20 blogs offering ideas for your dream Gibraltar wedding.

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