The Hand Held Service Denmark

The hand held service is one that we are so proud of.  It bridges the gap for some couples that want to be in control of the process and those who are also slightly unsure and would love some guidance by someone who knows the process and requirements.

When getting married in Denmark the process is the same for everyone whether you apply directly or if you apply with the help of an agency.  The only difference in the documents are that if you use an agency then you are required to complete a power of attorney form.  This is you allowing the agency to act and communicate on your behalf.

Document preparation

Online application

Approval or request for additional information then approval

Booking of the ceremony

Getting married in Denmark

The part of the process that is the trickiest is the first part, document preparation and then the application.  It looks easy and straight forward but as with everything there are a number of things that need to be done in a certain way... Some things that you would never guess, and this is where an agency comes in handy.  Agencies make the applications daily and know what to put where and in what format and how all pieces of information need to be presented.

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The hand held service is where we will let you know exactly what documents are needed and we will gather the documents as we do with the other services, prepare them, arrange them, check them and make sure that we have everything that we need for the application.

We will then speak to you about the date that you would like to marry, how you are getting to Denmark and advise you on the right town hall that is best to meet your requirements.

You then leave us to make the application for you and when it is time to make payment to the AFL we will pass over the reigns to you to complete the application and continue with the process.

If there is a request for further information then we will help you compile this and send it off or if you have the approval we will help you make the ceremony booking and send all the details over to you of where you need to be when and what with.

You will even get access to our suppliers list for that area.

So you can marry and walk away having had the best time, in the best place with the best help!

Get married in Denmark
Get married in Denmark easily on a budget

Cost to us 295€

Fee to AFL 1900DKK (252€)

The total cost to you is under €550 for a wedding, now that is a good deal!

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