Couples Story - Dragan and Mirjana


It is always so wonderful to be able to share our couples stories, as every couple always has their own unique circumstances and we love helping them to get married, simply, easily and fast in either Denmark or Gibraltar. We absolutely love our jobs, and we feel so privileged to have been a part of so many couples special days over the years!


The lovely Dragan and his now wife, Mirjana first contacted us at the start of September 2021 wanting to get married in Denmark and of course we were happy to help them using our Simply Everything ServiceDragan was an American citizen and Mirjana was a Germany citizen, and together they both live in Germany and had been in a relationship for ten years. 


Getting married in Denmark
Copenhagen City hall wedding


So we sent them a list of documents that they would require to get married in Denmark, and as they had already decided that they would like to get married in Copenhagen City Hall in November, we pre-booked them a date for ceremony whilst they were preparing their documents. Within a matter of weeks, Dragan and Mirjana had prepared documents and their file was ready to go. So we made their application for the marriage license to the Danish Agency of Family Law, and we had their approval back within 5 working days - it really was that quick and simple!


Getting married in Copenhagen
Getting married in Copenhagen is magical!



Dragan had requested extra copies of their marital certificates, which we were more than happy to arrange for him and he received on the day of his ceremony at no extra cost! On the11th of November 2021, this happy couple flew to Copenhagen to enjoy an evening in the city, before exchanging their vows in a beautiful ceremony the next day. As you can see from these beautiful pictures, their special day was filled with so much love and happiness, and it was a pleasure to have been able to make their wedding dreams a reality! 


Once they had returned back to Germany, Dragan and Mirjana left us such a lovely review which we are extremely grateful for - "Simply the best. Worry free service at it's best. Thank you for everything you have done. For me and my wife this was the most positive experience that we have had in the past ten years. We are your forever fans." - Dragan 




Getting married as a Foreign and International couple has its own unique issues, and makes your situation complicated no matter what your situation is.... We are the number one wedding planners in Denmark and the largest marriage Agency in Copenhagen. Noone has helped more couples than us, and noone has a Government documents specialist working in house.

We are the only Agency with a 100% success rate with the applications with the Danish Agency of Family law (AFL) and we also add in just for extra peace of mind the promise of a full refund should your application be rejected.

All services (except Handheld and SOS) are fully inclusive of License fee to the AFL and all services are inclusive of the tax, unlimited support and help.

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