What Brexit means for Love

With Brexit looming at the end of today, and a potential “No Deal” on the table for exit,  marks not celebration but a start into February with uncertainty for some couples.

And love alone may unfortunately not be enough to keep couples together. Anyone living in the UK that is not a British Citizen, but is in a long term relationship with a British Citizen, has settled, employment and in some cases children; there is the fear that it may not be able to remain or remain easily after Brexit. But really noone knows - which is in some ways worse and is scaring and worrying people.

It is the fear that Love could be separated, families could be split up, the uncertainty for everyone is stress inducing. Hopefully we find as usual the reality is nowhere near as bad as the speculation, as we need more love in the world!! We are finding that more and more British Citizens who are marrying Non British Citizens are looking at getting married abroad in a country with English Speaking Civil Ceremonies, International legally recognized worldwide Marriage Certificates, and that allow a fast and non bureaucratic solution, little or no residency requirement, few documents, and that can be done in advance on line.

Wedding document requirements

This bypasses the 4 week reading of the bans in the UK and the requirement of Marital Single Status documents (which are not required in Denmark and Gibraltar) or birth certificates (not required in Denmark). It is a reality of life at the moment for British Citizens with a soul mate that is not British that although a marriage is a thing of love, it may have to be done faster than planned as an essential requirement to reduce the risk of lives being torn apart, and love separated. And a more celebratory party can be done additionally at a timescale to suit.

If you choose to Marry in Denmark you are able to fly cheaply to Copenhagen from a variety of UK locations, and Copenhagen City Hall is a stunning choice. There are also Danish Islands – and venues both City, Coast and Country to suit, all with different charms and in some you can marry in as little as 2 days after approval from the Danish Government office.

It is now easier than it ever has been, in regards to speed, cost, and stress to simply get married abroad somewhere like Denmark & Gibraltar and then register your marriage back in the country that you live.

Simple love

A wedding in UK can cost thousands, and take months, whereby a wedding in Denmark costs hundreds and can be done in days.

Denmark is especially welcoming of Same Sex marriages, and was one of the first locations in the world where Same Sex Civil ceremonies are legal – they are all about the love in Denmark!

Gay wedding friendly

I thoroughly recommend to anyone a wedding abroad! Pick yourself a good Agency though, they are worth their money, and if you are going to go for a cheaper, easier and faster option of getting married abroad, just let having the documents, application and ceremony booking part be the 1 thing that you splurge on, as everything hinges around that.

Since the changes to the Danish application marriage process in 2019 the Danish Government office "Agency of Family Law" or "Familierethuset" does allow direct applications. But if you do not use an agency it can be hugely delayed and time consuming, not to mention hard to contact the Government office. www.marryabroadsimply.com is the number 1 for international couples, we are expert wedding planners in Denmark, and can get the paperwork and documents through quickly for your marriage application.

 Christmas and New year is a popular time to get engaged and look at married, it is a season that invokes love, togetherness and fresh starts with the new year approaching like a clean fresh sheet.

So it is normal that this is a great time to reflect on your life forwards and backwards, and look at where your life is now and where it is going to in the following year and with whom. And you can Marry Abroad Simply.

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