Danish Wedding Story - Loreto & Frederik

We had the pleasure of helping the amazingly lovely, sweet, sporty, fun International couple Loreto and Frederik with a wedding on the Danish Island of Aerø in July 2020.

This adorable couple live in Germany, Loreto is a Citizen of Chile and had some Chilean documents which were creating an issue with marrying in Germany easily or quickly. Which is a common issue for couples who are EU and NON EU and living in Germany so getting married in Denmark is a nice easy and convenient solution as the marriage certificates are also in German!

Loreto and Frederik are lovers of nature, calm, no stress, zen, and just each other. They just simply want to be together - and we are all about that! 

Fast wedding in Europe for International couples
A stress free and relaxed Danish Island Wedding

We put the application in to the Danish Agency of Family law (Familieretshuset) on June 30th, and the couple were a married couple within 2 weeks!! In a super quick and easy stress free wedding in Denmark. They had an amazing time from start to finish and enjoyed the journey, which is something that should be a rule for life. The coastline of Aero is breathtaking..


Video file
A gorgeous Danish Island coastline

Loreto told us -

" Its so beautiful here....For couples that want to get away from the noise, this is the place"

They stayed at the Aerø Hotel in Marstal, and loved it!


Danish Island wedding is fast and easy to get to from Copenhagen
Aerø is typically Danish in every way, and completely delightful.

Loreto and Frederik used the time on Aerø to explore, relax, have time to just be themselves and be together.

A wedding in Denmark for nature lovers
Getting married simply on Aero is perfect!

They swam, they cycled, they walked, they relaxed, they explored. And Loreto picked her own wedding flowers from the Danish roadside. Simplicity, nature and love is all that is needed.


Wedding flowers in Denmark
Perfect Danish Wedding Flowers

The wedding itself was simple, romantic, dignified and very very stress free and easy - which is exactly what they wanted!


International Marriage Certificate in Denmark
The happy Groom signing the International Marriage Certificate!

The whole process from document presentation the day before the wedding to the ceremony itself was calm and stress free allowed Frederik and Loreto to focus on the important stuff - each other!!

Registry office wedding in Danish Town Hall
The beautiful Bride making her first signature as a married lady!

There is such an air of calm and complete love around this couple, it is evident to anyone that anyone who meets them, speaks to them and even looks at the photos that this couple are two parts of the same heart and soul.


Get married easily and stress free in Denmark on a Danish Island
All you need is love and each other 

All they need is each other. Simply love. And I love those green shoes also Loreto!!

Loreto said - 

" Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️ It was very simple... exactly the way I always dreamed" 

The weather was not always sunshine, when they arrived it was not so sunny, but when you have sunshine in your heart it does not matter so much!!

Danish Island Wedding
Sunshine in your heart for your wedding day is all you need!

The sun came out and they could take advantage of the Ice cream shops, hired some bikes at the local hotel they stayed in, and just relaxed!


Places to eat in Gibraltar
Enjoy some Ice cream on a Danish Island!

The weather was incredible for the trip, sunshine in the heart, soul and sky! Loreto and Frederik, so as well as cycling they used the free bus that travels up and down from Marstal, and tried some restaurants and bars, like the Irish pub!


Happy married couple married in Denmark
Getting married in Denmark in a Danish Island wedding is easy!

Words from Loreto

"Frederik and myself where so blessed to have found Leanne ✨ because she just came to us on a moment of a bit of desperation of not knowing what to do. We were supposed to get married in Germany but amid the health moment and bureaucratic regulations, sadly, it just seemed impossible there.

But Leanne and her knowledge, experience and endless patience help and guided us all the way and just like that, everything seemed real and magical. And so thats the way it was ☺️. 
Absolutely highly recommend"

You are so very welcome Loreto and Frederik, and thank you so much for choosing us to help you with your special day, a huge congratulations once again - and wishing you every happiness in your newly married life together!


Danish Island Wedding
Danish wedding day spirit!

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