Getting Married in Denmark - Aarhus

Map of AArhus
Aarhus is easy to get to from anywhere with its own airport



Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and it is a wonderful city full of good vibes, history, and amazing scenery, sights and sounds! Getting to Aarhus is easy by car, rail or by plane!  



Getting there  

Based in the Central Jutland area of Denmark it is only 116km's from Copenhagen and only 180km's from Hamburg making it such a short drive for any couples coming from Germany or who are flying into Copenhagen instead of Aarhus and want a nice little road or rail trip to explore a different city in Denmark.

The airport also has routes from Poland, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Crete and The Canary Islands, making it super accessible for lots of people.

By train the industrial town has direct train links all over Denmark and to major European cities.  


Aarhus began as a fortified Viking settlement in the 8th Century, the city was born on a coastline so the main business was through the harbours and passing trade of agricultural traders.  However in the 17th century the trade dwindled due to war with the Swedish.  It avoided destruction when occupied by Germany and lead the Danish industrial revolution and became the 2nd largest city in Denmark.  All this history can be seen all over the town in beautiful crafted doorways and in the architecture.  



Viking in Aarhus
Vikings are prominent in the history of Aarhus

Danish Vikings are prominent in the history of Aarhus    



Nowadays Aarhus is at the cultural and economic core of the Jutland region.  There is a huge container port that serves most of Europe and the university is Europes largest University. There is also a vibrant city centre full of shops and restaurants and it is all pedestrianised!  


Getting married in Denmark has much to offer

Aarhus City has much to offer and explore  


There is also a large arts side to Aarhus, in the 1950's many jazz clubs opened following in the 60's by rock music venues, this is driven today by the wonderful 8 day Jazz festival that happens every year.  


aarhus old
Danish jazz festivals are legendary - Aarhus has many!

Get married in Aarhus during one of the Danish Jazz festivals, the vibe and feeling is incredible and a perfect way to celebrate your wedding if you are a lover of jazz - or just a lover of music and nice atmospheres!  


There is an amazing viking museum in Aarhus that is all underground and an amazing way to spend your days there, there is so much to learn and to see and even smell!  


One thing to look out for in Aarhus if you go in spring, are the amazing blossom trees, they line the streets and are truly spectacular!  


AArhus in Spring
Beautiful spring in Aarhus!

 Aarhus has the best of Danish spring trees and flowers for nature lovers, the blossom that covers the trees and blows along the streets is truly delightful, and like nature has provided its own confetti for you!   


The town hall in Aarhus is a stunning building and the registrars are of course wonderful, it is a truly perfect place to marry with the mixture of old and new and the personality to match!


Aarhus Town Hall 

Processing Time After Approval – 14 days 

Wedding Days – Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. 

Distance form Copenhagen – 116km's 

Distance from Hamburg – 180km's 

Out of town halls weddings available – Yes, Infinite bridge 

Witnesses provided - Yes on Thursday and Fridays  


Marry in Aarhus
Aarhus is also on the beach!


Good option for a Foreign or International couple Thank you to for this stunning image!  


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