Easiest and fastest places to get married in Europe

Some people for a variety of reasons need to get married fast and legally, and do not have access to a wide variety of documents which have historically been presumed to be needed to get married abroad. Maybe you are looking at a job move where you need to be married to take your partner, a military deployment situation, pregnancy, illness, you want a quick civil ceremony before a religious one- endless reasons. For some couples you are unable to apply for a Spousal Visa to live together in the same country unless you are married.

For example recently the Spousal VISA requirement in the UK has changed and  from April 2024, British citizens or people already settled in the UK will need to show they earn £38,700 before their overseas partner can live here with them - a sharp jump from the current threshold of £18,600. This means in order for families and couples to stay together, getting married abroad is the only option. And as Gibraltar is part of the UK, and Denmark issues the marriage certificates also in English, either places are a very good option for them.

There is a myth and misconception that every country needs your birth certificate and every country need your marital status/Certificate of non impediment document proving you are single to get married. This is not correct.

Every country has different laws around marriage and different things the government look at in order to issue a license - which means some countries have different, lesser or larger documents requirements than others, as of course every country has a different government, different rules - but still the same marriage.

We have found the 2 easiest countries to get married in Europe fast, easily and legally, with minimal documents are

1) Getting married in Denmark is easy because

- You do not need Birth certificates,
- You do not need single status or certificate of impediment
- You can marry in as little as 10 days
- Marriages in Denmark are legally recognised worldwide
- Marry as a tourist, turn up, marry and leave the same day
- The marriage certificates are issued the same day and are in English, German, Danish Spanish and French
- Many venues in Denmark to marry near the German border, and venues for the wedding in Copenhagen 20 minutes from the airport

2) Getting married in Gibraltar is easy because

- You do not need Single status or certificate of non impediment documents
- You can marry in as little as 10 days
- Marriages in Gibraltar are legally recognised worldwide
- Marry as a tourist, you just need to stay 1 night
- No document (Death or Divorce) needs Legalisation which is a huge plus for NON EU previously married individuals
- There are a variety of registry office and outside venues such as Botanical gardens

The cons you need to bear in mind for each venue are

In Denmark you need to evidence a good and solid level of longevity and contact for a relationship document, ideally you will have been together for at least 12-18 months. The Danish Agency of Family law are in place to prevent proforma marriages, so if you cannot evidence you may be asked for an interview which can prolong the process to around 3 months

In Gibraltar they are fastidious about the originally issued originals of all Birth certificates, Divorce, Death and previous marriage certificates, so if you cannot lay your hands on these then it is not the best option for you.

Also in Gibraltar the marriage certificates are not issued the same day, they arrive with you about 4-6 weeks after you are married, which does also remove this venue from a possibility if you need the marriage certificate fast, although you can request an official letter on the day stating you are married from the Civil Status office.

We have looked at weddings all over Europe, and we can absolutely without a doubt say that the top countries to get married in Europe, for the least documents, the speed and the ease are to look at getting married in Denmark and getting married in Gibraltar.

We are expert award winning wedding planners in both Denmark and Gibraltar, and one of the owners of the company is a Government documents specialist of over 30 years career experience. We are the number one choice to help foreign, same sex and international couples with marriage applications and to support them with a smooth, legal and stress free wedding abroad.

Please do contact us for a free no obligation documents list HERE and to discuss which country option is best for your situation on timing and the documents you are able to produce.