Elopement Weddings with All your Guests livestreaming

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In this era of technology and I'm sure we have all downloaded the Zoom app during the lock down, we are all more savvy about how we can still share precious moments and times with our loved ones, without physically being together. Positive in everything in that we are actually more set up than every to share our lives and our moments with loved ones of all ages all over the world!


International couples marrying to invite others
You can have everyone at your wedding via a variety of video platforms!


Live Stream your ceremony

The vast majority of us have mobile phones with this amazing pieces of technology in our pockets we all know that we can 'live stream' things.

Live streaming isn't only for the influencers and you tube stars, we can all do it and its so easy to set up.  

Whether you are using instagram, Zoom, WhatsApp video, Facebook Messenger all your loved ones can join the ceremony virtually as you simply set the stream going and position the phone so everyone can see the magical moment when you become a married couple.  

All town halls have WiFi so no need to worry about having 'phone reception' and all the registrars will be happy to have your stream the ceremony.  

The only thing that we ask is that you set everything up before the ceremony so all you have to do is click 'go' as you enter the ceremony room.

Some of the Town Halls have special guest logs ins that the IT boffins have set up and given us English translated details for that you can log in view Facebook also!


Bring the world to the one room, and have them celebrate virtually


Celebrate once you are home

Of course you can't beat the emotions of the day by being there in person, but after the ceremony, don't be scared to celebrate and share your joy with your loved ones, be it a meal or a grand party.  Even if they couldn't be there on the day, you can share all your memories of the day when celebrating at home.  You can exchange vows with each other, you can have photos from the day all over the place, you can throw the bouquets and any other traditions that you didn't do on your elopement.  You can have flower boys and flower girls and make sure that everyone feels involved even if the legal part of the ceremony was over and done with.

Wedding Elopement
Feel like you are the only 2 people in the world whilst involving the world!


Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are amazing, and they will really help your loved ones feel involved.  They can be prepared before the ceremony and sent out after, full of small tokens and photos from your amazing destination wedding location!

Destination Wedding
You think you will remember every moment... make sure you do by storing it!



Of course we can video the elopement ourselves, but a professional videographer can really help ensure that ALL the small and special moments are kept, check out the beautiful video on our homepage by the talented Nataly Dauer.  Professional videography can really help capture the whole day and really help your loved ones feel as though they were there.



Hashtags are so helpful and useful when recording moments!  If you make a hashtag #marryabroadsimply then everyone can search for that hashtag and find all the photos/posts that relate to it, so not only can you post with the hashtag and others can search, other people can post and put the hashtag and you can find it!

Elopement Abroad
We love to congratulation the happy couples we helped to get married abroad!


Whatever your reason for eloping, it is a truly magical moment to spend with your life long partner and however you choose to share this with your loved ones, you can be sure that your memories will last you and your friends and family a life time.


Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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