Aero Island - An Amazing Destination Wedding Location

We couples first look at Getting Married in Denmark the automatic venue you see is Copenhagen City Hall, which is normal and natural as it is the Capital of Denmark, and as Town Halls and wedding venues go it is the "Big Daddy" of the kommunes in Denmark. 

You probably do not naturally look at a Danish Island Wedding - but did you know there are actually 406 Islands in Denmark? Albeit only 70 them are inhabited. And Aero is widely known as the "wedding Island" Or the "Island of Love".

We cannot speak high enough of the Danish Island of Aero, everything about it is magical, the cobbled streets, the coloured houses, the "Danishness" the amazing Town Hall staff - literally everything.

So what is it with the Aero bug that makes everything seem so idyllic?  Certainly the sunsets help! We even have a little collection of Aero sunsets that we have collected!


Danish Island wedding sunsets
Romantic Danish Island to hold your wedding

There is nearly 170km of stunning coastline, some wild, some not, all absolutely gorgeous though. So we cannot resist another beach sunset photo... Sorry! We love Aero Island so much! 

Wedding Island Aero
Getting Married in Denmark has gorgeous Island options!


Aero island is situated just off the mainland and is accessible by ferry from either Svendborg or Flynshav, see our blog here on getting there.

The island has everything from quaint Danish villages to vast golden sand beaches, wonderful boutique places to eat and drink, what could be better for a small intimate wedding, whether you are there as a couple or as a small group.

The ceremonies are held in the second largest town called Aeroskobing and it is a wonderful picture book town with coloured houses all nestled together, certainly a popular place for some amazing wedding photos.

Get married in Danish Island wedding Aero
Lovely post wedding photo shoot on Aero

Our wonderful couple Mascha & Lincoln


Thousands of couples every year travel to the island to marry each year and for the last three years the number of weddings that have taken place have outnumbered the number of inhabitants on the island.

As everywhere in Denmark, Aero has proved popular for same sex couples, mixed nationality couples and couples with complicated documentation.  People travel to this island from all over the world.  We have couples that get in touch that specifically say they would like to marry on Aero.  In fact in 2015 on 50 couples that got married here were Danish.  Many couples come from Germany where the process of marrying is long and arduous and some just come because it is stunning.


In 2008 the island was faced with a struggling economy where they welcomed approximately 200 couples to marry, fast forward 10 years and due to the amazing registrars and the seamless marriage process in 2018 they married an amazing 5000 couples.  The couples arriving on the island of course, bring business and the wedding industry has certainly taken strides in the last few years.  However this does not take away from the beautiful Danish simplicity of the island, this is not a place for chain stores or fast food, the small businesses of the island thrive with the steady influx of couples relishing in the hand-made goods that their stores offer.


The registrars at Aeroskobing have also stood up to the mark, with some days (and often) they can marry up to 40 couples in one day.  This does not, however take away from the special moment for each couple.  The registrars truly care about each and every person that pass through the doors of the ceremony room.  The ceremonies although short are calm, peaceful, romantic and special.

Marry on Aero Island
Aero Town Hall wedding ceremony room is lovely. And the registrars are awesome!



For a more in-depth look at the island please see our blog Danish Island Wedding, and to hear from a couple that married there see our couples story and you can be as happy as Loreto was!


Getting married in Aero Danish Island wedding
Getting married on Aero leaves you with a very happy wedding spirit!!


Whatever your reason for thinking about Aero, it is a truly magical moment to spend with your life long partner and however you choose to share this with your loved ones, you can be sure that your memories will last you and your friends and family a life time.

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