Getting married in Copenhagen City Hall

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When you organise a wedding in the wonderful and incredible capital city of Denmark that is Copenhagen there is not much for you to do as we have already done it for you, but there is the requirement to present the original documents just before the wedding.

The requirement is for document presentation the business day before the wedding in Copenhagen City hall marriage office, but we can usually organise for you same day document presentation just before your wedding if you are really stuck with travel plans.

As we organise around 120+ weddings a month over about 15 different locations and 2 countries it is not always possible for us to be there with you in person, but as we have been helping couples get married in Denmark since around 2014 we have everything in place for your wedding and work really closely with the amazing marriage office team in Copenhagen City Hall wedding office - and hopefully this guide will also help!

So first things first, you need to go to the wonderful Copenhagen City Hall which is where the document presentation and also the marriage will be.


Copenhagen City Hall Wedding
This is the front view of Copenhagen City hall when you come out of the Radhudspladsen
metro stop (maybe the couple will not be there though!)

You then walk through the lovely square and up those steps and wait for the majestic and grand Copenhagen City Hall gates to open for you automatically. 

The marriage office is open 9am - 4pm on Weekdays and 9.30am - 1pm on a Saturday. But document presentation is on weekdays from 9am - 2.45pm, ideally 2 hours before the wedding, but can be up to 30 minutes before with the Copenhagen Express private registrar service.


Get married in Copenhagen quickly
Main entrance at Copenhagen City Hall - go in here!

When you enter through the main doors (show above) you will be in the foyer, and directly to your left is the shop which is the front of the marriage office and manned by marriage office clerks.

Copenhagen City Hall Marriage office
Entrance through this door into the room where you will present your documents

One of the amazing smiley and welcoming marriage office staff will be there, just give your names and show them your Passports/EU ID/Residency Permits/VISAs (whichever documents are applicable that you have already sent us scans of, you will not be asked for anything additional)

Get married in Denmark Copenhagen City Hall
A lovely and happy registrar who is waiting to check documents!

We transmit your file and license electronically between ourselves, the Familieretshuset (Danish Agency of Family Law) and the Copenhagen City Hall, so all is in place and the lovely team will be expecting you.

Once you present your documents and they match the electronic file you will be given a little ticket with a heart on, keep this in a safe place as you need to give that to the Witness registrar who will come and collect you for your wedding and take you into the ceremony room as it verifies your documents are all in order and checked.


Denmark easy wedding in Copenhagen
Confirmation of your document presentation 

You then follow the hearts to the wedding ceremony room waiting area, and you will be called in by one of the marriage office team when it is your turn for the wedding, they will request this little ticket, and take you into the ceremony room.


Copenhagen City Hall Wedding
Follow the hearts on the floor to the ceremony room waiting area

The route can change depending on what else is going on in Copenhagen City Hall that day, but it will always be hearts you follow, it is very obvious, but there are staff around to ask if you need anything at all. They also have a toilet for you to use, freshen up and change before your wedding if you would like, and it is near the back entrance to the Gardens (turn right as you go up the steps after document presentation and then turn left at the end of the passage and go to the end  and down some steps and that is where you will find the toilets).


Copenhagen City Hall Ceremony room entrance
This is the entrance you wait outside which leads up to the ceremony room

Once in the ceremony room your witnesses will be waiting for you, you will be asked to confirm your names and which language you would like the ceremony in (English, German or Danish) and if you wish to exchange rings or say any words and vows to each other.

Copenhagen City hall ceremony room
Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room is very pretty!

You are welcome to zoom people in (the Wifi is free and open) and also able to have music playing - it is just asked you have everything ready and set up for when you go in so as to not impact the timings of the following couples.

And we have also put together a handy little video for you if you are marrying in Copenhagen city hall as a walk through! Just when you thought we could not get more amazing and helpful! And this guide is one of the many reasons why we are the best wedding planners in Copenhagen & Denmark and the number 1 Agency to help you with getting married in Denmark as we are genuinely passionate about and love our couples - and will support you through all stages of the process.

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Video file

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