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We have so many couples come to us and ask "how quickly can we get married in Denmark?" and "What is the fastest you can help us with getting married in Denmark?". We can get you married as quickly as you are able to get the documents to us is the answer, and in some cases in around 10 days. We are the fastest agency for helping anyone get married in Denmark, that is not arrogance, that is just fact. We work 12 hour days, 7 days a week, and have great relationships with everyone involved, so non of this 4 week minimum that you hear. 

And no matter how quickly you get married it is fully Legally recognised worldwide, the same license and checks are done, we are just very fast with getting the documentation and paperwork in with the Familieretshuset, and as we work with every town hall in Denmark we know where the space is.

As an agency we are always trying to explain what we do and how we do it, however we recently received a review from one of our amazing couples who had recently married and we simply don't think that we can explain it any better :-)

"These guys are the real deal. They're not on the top of the Google searches and I almost made the mistake of choosing one of the other marriage agencies. Thank God I searched throughly.

Working with Sam has been incredible. She was honest and upfront with the price, which was a huge plus. Because from what I saw, other agencies are cryptic with their pricing. Sam disclosed the price for TWO people upfront without any weird pricing.

Quick story, my girlfriend lived in Ukraine and needed to evacuate due to the war. Sam literally got us approved to be married in 5 days. And a much more reasonable price than others. I seriously reccomend these guys. Don't look for other agencies. these guys are the best, trust me! I wish I could find a stronger word than "Trust me" but seriously! Trust me, Sam and Marry abroad simply are the best.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention how easy it was communicating. They didn't send some copy and paste email. Sam sent me a personalized email catered to my exact situation."

We are the only agency that will guarantee a wedding date for you, will answer your calls/messages/emails promptly 7 days a week. And we are the only Agency that will offer a full refund if your file should get refused or you do not get the wedding date we promised you.

We will let you know exactly what documents you need and make sure that we have everything for an approval before we ask you for any fees.

And you may think that this is a sales pitch, its actually not, we are simply open and honest and transparent, we won't waste your time with if's, maybe's and but's - we are so confident with our experience and service and that is how we can guarantee dates and fees.

We are open, reliable, transparent and full of LOVE.. 

No need to read on.. if you want to find out more and start the process then call/whattsapp  +45 71 49 34 83 or +447934933356  we will be here to help and answer any question that you have..

And we will give you a FULL FREE documents list, and not request any money from you until your file is ready for the application to be made and we are happy that everything is in place, so there is no risk or stress at all.


Or for more information on the services that we offer, read on!


Get married quickly in Denmark
Getting married in Denmark fast and stress free


Why get married in Denmark?

Seriously you may ask, why do around 15,000 couples chose to make application with the Danish Agency of Family law and get married in Denmark every year? Well that is because Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to get married! There are no marital status documents needed, no birth certificates needed, you receive your International Marriage certificates the same day as your wedding and the marriage is legally recognised worldwide. Denmark loves and embraces all forms of love and situations.

- Marry in Days
- Marry on a Tourist VISA
- No Marital Status documents or birth certificates
- International marriage certificates issued same day
- Civil ceremony wedding Legally recognised worldwide
- All forms of love and situations welcome 

You can get married in as little as a few days, up to 4 months after your license is issued from the Danish Agency of Family Law or Familieretshuset as they are also called.

It is probably the fastest and easiest place to get married in Europe for Foreign and International couples as you can also get married on a Tourist Visa, and at most only need to present your original documents the business day before the wedding. 

Also getting married in Denmark is the cheapest option for an elopement wedding, with our prices starting from €290 and going up to only to €1495 with no hidden costs in either package, and a free documents list of requirements for getting married in Denmark.

The process of getting married in Denmark is second to none of ensuring a quick wedding, whilst retaining a really special accepting environment for every couple that marries in any of its town halls.

The Danish system ensures that you can marry on a tourist VISA, No Marital Status documents, No birth Certificates. International Marriage certificates issued the same day in German, Danish, English, French and Spanish.

Here at Marry Abroad Simply we are the fastest agency to arrange exceptional ceremonies in the quickest, most professional manner, ensuring that your timelines are met, and you have a wonderful day with amazing memories made.

We have several services to ensure that there is something for everyone, for the couples who want to plan and arrange a wedding in advance to those who for what ever reason need to marry quickly.

Application processed same day, marry on average 10-14 days from submission of application - or from 72 hours from approval. In some situations even faster depending on your situation and flexibility. 

The Super Express Service is the service where we guarantee a wedding within 2 weeks of us making the application for you.  This is a 2 weeks from application guaranteed wedding, we will make sure that the location is the best one for you to arrange your travel, we will get you married!  If we don't make the 2 weeks then we can adjust the service to the relevant one, to alleviate any extra Express fees.

The Copenhagen Express - Specifically Copenhagen City Hall, we will book you a registrar on a weekday date of your choice, anywhere from 3 weeks from the date of your application made.

But rather than reading all our information the best, easiest and quickest thing to do is to call or message us, everyone has their own individual story and situation.. we can help... 

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