Getting Married in Frederiksberg - Where you need to be and When

When thinking of marrying in Copenhagen lots of people will assume that you will marry in the wonderful Copenhagen City Hall.  However there is a hidden gem only 4km's away from the city centre and that is Frederiksberg. Which does have better availability for wedding space than Copenhagen City hall so is a good fit for many couples.

Frederiksberg is an amazing area of Copenhagen,  it is a small leafy suburb just 9m by direct tube from the centre of Copenhagen. Please read more here and here Many couples choose this venue for the still close proximity to the airport (20 minutes) and also that they can stay in Central Copenhagen so enjoy all that has to offer, and simply nip less than 10 mins in a taxi or on the metro to get married in Frederiksberg.

Frederiksberg town hall wedding
Frederiksberg Town Hall is surprisingly large and ornate

The town hall is stunning, stylish and close to some wonderful hotels restaurants, bars and the super easy underground system in Copenhagen.  It is approximately 5 minute walk from the Frederiksberg station which is on the green M1 line and yellow M2 line.

The Town Hall itself was built in 1942 and is an imposing building,  very much prettier on the inside than the outside, and the Wedding ceremony rooms where you will marry are covered in very ornate murals and artwork, which is complimented by the green furniture, giving it a very relaxing garden feel.

The Frederiksberg wedding office address is:

Marriage Office, Citizen Service Center, 1st floor

Frederiksberg City Hall

Smallegade 1

2000 Frederiksberg

You can get married in Frederiksberg Town Hall any day of the week except for Sunday when they are closed. You just always need to bear in mind that document presentation is the business day before the wedding in the working hours below.

You are able to choose Monday - Thursday whether you would like a morning wedding around 11am or an afternoon wedding around 2pm. Friday and Saturday weddings are only offered in the morning around 11am.

Office hours for showing documents are:

Monday and Thursday 15 - 17

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11 - 13

Saturday weddings are possible also on a Saturday morning, but you will need to provide at least 1 of your own witnesses to get married in Frederiksberg on a Saturday.

When you marry in Frederiksberg you need to present your ID's and travel documents the business day before the ceremony.


You must book an appointment to show your documents the business day before the wedding via this link - 

You press the red button (Bestil tid i Borgerservice) and then you can choose English in the upper right corner and then getting married. Then you choose the date and time and fill in the small box and confirm. You can only book the documents presentation online up to 4 weeks before your wedding, but it is easy and fast, you just must remember to take a screen shot of your document presentation time as you are not always sent it on email.

Copenhagen wedding in Frederiksberg Denmark
Click "Planning a wedding, new certificates etc" after changing language to English

When you arrive at Frederiksberg Town Hall, please enter through the main doors and then go up the short flight of stairs on your left, through the door and turn right and walk to the end to the Borgerservice office.  Here is a room where you will wait for your appointment to present your documents to the registrar.  If you are going to exchange rings at the wedding, you can let us know on the day or in advance to the Marriage Office.  This will take no longer than 15 minutes and then you can leave and get ready for your big day!


On your Wedding day

When you arrive to the town hall there is nothing left for you to do as you have already presented your documents and done the formal part the day before, all you need to do is  go directly to the wedding room!

You will find the Wedding Hall on the 1st floor to the left of the large mural on the City Hall balcony. And the witnesses (if you request them) will be waiting for you in the room.


Same sex wedding europe
Frederiksberg Wedding room Balcony


The Mayor or a Registrar will be in charge of the wedding ceremony. The ceremony will also be attended by two employees who may act as witnesses if you do not bring your own witnesses. The wedding will be conducted in either English, German or Danish, and you must both speak a high enough level of one of these languages (the same for each of you!) or you need to take a translator.

Just outside of the wedding room there is a wonderful small waiting room where there is a toilet for any last minute changes! And also a cloak room where you can hang any coats or items.

Wedding Planner in Denmark
The waiting area of the Frederiksberg Town Hall ceremony room.


When the registrar is ready they will ask you to enter the Wedding Room for your ceremony!  There is plenty of space for your guests if you have them.

Or if you are marrying alone then you can be there alone in these amazing surroundings.

Get married in Frederiksberg
Frederiksberg Ceremony room where you will be married


Whilst the registrar is there to officiate the ceremony, the witnesses are usually happy to also take photos for you if you ask nicely.

Why get married in Denmark.
Frederiksberg wedding ceremony room


You are welcome to take photos or use a camcorder during the wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony will take 5 – 10 minutes.

There will often be more than one wedding on any day, and minor delays are, unfortunately, almost impossible to avoid. When you and your guests have entered the Wedding Hall, the Registrar will ask for your full names in order to confirm your identity. The Registrar will then read the ritual. After the ritual, you may exchange rings, and you will then sign the marriage register.

If you bring your own witnesses, they must write their names and addresses in the marriage register and add their signatures to confirm that they have attended the ceremony.

Finally, you will get 2 copies of your marriage certificates from the registrar once you are all married, and these are issued in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French all on the same certificate. Just check them for any small errors before you leave, as mistakes are easy and fast to put right whilst you are there.

And that is it! You are married and can leave and enjoy the moment and the atmosphere.

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Get married in Frederiksberg
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