How to marry in Denmark quickly after the lockdown?


The last few days have been extremely difficult for a lot of people and with no confirmed end date in sight, there are couples that may have given up their dream of a Springtime Danish wedding. But do not worry, once everything gets back to normal you can marry very quickly in Denmark, so getting married in Denmark is still a great option!


Contacting the Agency of Family Law


As more and more countries go into lockdown following Italy and Denmark.  Countries are shutting their boarders and schools leaving everyone with a fear of the unknown.  Those of you who were planning your wedding and those of you who have had their ceremonies cancelled we are so sorry for you.  Such a disappointment and as you hear of stories of people being trapped away from home, families being separated, feeling falling ill you may realise that although it is an awful situation to be in we have to put our health and our families first.


Get married in Denmark stress free


This will pass, and as we see the figures in China start to fall after 3 months that will happen all over Europe and everything will get back to normal.  Maybe this will change the world in a slight way.  Companies will see that working from home can be beneficial, cheaper and they have a happier workforce.  Helping families, childcare and long commutes.  Maybe the airlines and the regulatory bodies will change the rules allowing airline companies to cancel flights and reduce their carbon emissions where they can and not be heavily fined or loose their flight slots. 


Contacting the agency of family law


We will learn from this, and we believe there is a positive in everything - even if we cannot see it right now... It will be there in the long run.


So for our small part in the enormous Coronavirus situation we are here to help, in what ever way that we can.  The way that we can help is to help anyone that confused about their wedding in Denmark, not matter at which point of the process that you are in.  Whether you have already applied, whether you haven't applied, whether you had a confirmed appointment that has been cancelled.


Contact the agency of family law


If you haven't applied yet..

We can process your application for you.  The Agency of Family Law is still working and as everything is done on line applications can still be made.

If you have applied and are waiting for your approval.. 

We can help you and take over your case with the Agency of Family Law, they have confirmed to us that we can still get in touch with them, ask about cases (if you have signed a POA allowing us to speak to them on your behalf).  We can get your application put on hold and then once the shutdown is over we can push for your approval and then make your appointment for you at the town hall that you want.

If your ceremony is already confirmed and your appointment has been cancelled.

We can help you re-book your ceremony as the town halls open again and make sure that you still have your wonderful Spring wedding as long as it is within the dates of your issued Certificate of marital status (also known as the Prøvelsesattest or Prøvelsesattesten.)


The Danish have always been a progressive forward thinking country and that is why getting married in Denmark is such a wonderful experience for International couples.  This is is a global issue where the whole world is on pause, we are not, we will work through this for our couples and offer our knowledge and experience to everyone that asks for it.

If you are in any of these situations then please contact us, we will talk through your situation and off any advice that we can.  This, of course is free of charge.

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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