People Marry People - Tina at Aero Island


Aero Island has been described by some of our couples as the 'perfect' place to marry.  It is stunning, and so very typically Danish with quaint traditional multi Coloured houses, cobbled streets, traditional architecture.  the town itself -   Aeroskobing where the ceremonies will take place, is dotted with cafes and restaurants and small boutique shops.. 

And there is a free bus that travels up and down the Island from Marstal and back for you to explore easily, or you can cycle and there is cycle hire on the Island.


Danish Island wedding sunsets
Stunning sunsets on Aero


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Almost everyone we speak to who have married on the island say how amazing the registrar was, how wonderful and perfect they made the ceremony and the process was seem less and smooth.

So to add to our blogs posts of people marry people we would like to introduce you to the wonderful Tina one of the registrars at this amazing town hall!

Tell me a little about yourself and why you became a registrar, how you ended up becoming a registrar and how long you have been a registrar? 

I have been a Registrar since 2013 It happened by chance, as I was originally employed in another department as a temporary worker, and needed a few extra hours of work. I started doing paperwork for the Weddings, and when a position became available, I was lucky enough to get it. When I was younger, the dream was to work as a translator in English and German. Later I decided that Office assistant was more suited for me. The job as a Registrar however combines both dreams, which makes it the perfect job for me.


Do you have any wedding, ceremony or event that has been particularly memorable to you and why?

LOVE - There a so many, it is impossible to choose.  The husband singing to his wife with an amazing voice, the African band playing as the couple entered the room and after they were pronounced Husband and Wife. The young girl playing the violin. Last year I was lucky to experience a special tradition from Laos, with a very warm and lovable couple. It was an honour to be included in this special part of their day. It also included a Groom singing in a way that astounded you. Mostly it is the many people you meet, the story they tell and that you get to be a very small part of their often very difficult or long journey.


Do you get to eat lots of wedding cake?

We do get cake sometimes, but luckily not that often. I would get fat eating cake all the time!


What is the busiest time of year for you? And which season do you prefer and why?

The summer is always busy (June to September), and then again in November and December. During the summer, we have many Weddings outdoors, which is a nice change to the usual Weddings at the Town Hall. I personally prefer spring, because we start getting busier after some quiet months, but also because the Island is so beautiful at that time of year. It is a great time for showing off the Island, the weather can change a lot but it is never too warm.


What is a typical wedding like in the Town Hall?

The Ceremony is actually quite short, but we of course allow time for the Couples to exchange vows, take photos, ask questions and then we offer a glass of wine or soda while we talk for a while.


What advice do you have for couples to ensure they experience a wonderful wedding ceremony?

Clear any question you may have before the Wedding, and then just relax and enjoy the Moment. Do not focus too much on the perfect photos and capturing every detail on camera.


Any special advice on dealing with wedding-day nerves?

Again, clear any Questions and logistics ahead. Try to relax and know that we are there to guide you through everything, and we will never laugh at you, only with you.


Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Funny, warm and patient.


Can you describe the ceremony in Aero Town Hall in three words? 

Warmth, solemnity and simplicity.


What sort of behind the scenes work do you do that couples might not know about?

A lot of paperwork and logistics, especially during the summer. Someone needs to be in the office, one is doing the Weddings, and there are Weddings in different venues on the Island, and maybe only three Registrars at work. We also re-issue many Marriage Certificates, which means going into the Archives at the actual Town Hall to check the old Documents. Then making new Certificates and sending them off.


What is the favourite part of your job?

The actual Weddings of course, you get to meet so many nice and interesting people, and you never get tired of hearing their stories or just talking to new people. The fact that you are able to make a difference and give them a good experience is so important. The daily paperwork and logistics are also good parts of the job, but nothing will ever beat the actual Ceremony. After a day’s work, you are high on happiness and excitement.


Can you describe the Town Hall look and feeling/vibe?

We have our own building, which is right beside the Town Hall. The building used to be a Post Office, which means we still have an old but functioning safe. It is often noticed with some fun comments. We have a large waiting area in bright rooms, partly decorated with Furniture from an old Bank and Paintings from the island borrowed from the Local Museums.


Is there an interesting or fun fact about the town hall or area that couples may not know that we can share? Somewhere locally you would recommend a couple to visit whilst they are there?

For the Fairytale-experience: The old houses, cobbled stones and many colourful doors in Ærøskøbing The Beaches, especially in Marstal and Ærøskøbing, where you can see the small beach houses, and of course go swimming during the summer. For anyone who enjoys nature: Voderup Klint which is very beautiful and special. For anyone who likes maritime history: The Maritime Museum in Marstal which is large and known worldwide. Least but not last, one of my favorite spots; the Light tower right outside Søby.


Wedding on Aero
A traditional example of a quaint house on Aero


Tell us about a funny, hair-raising moment during a wedding ceremony. What advice would you give to couples getting married?

It was not that funny to me until afterwards, but I once had a Wedding Ceremony with an older groom who had a hearing aid that did not work properly. It meant that I had to yell the entire Ceremony, and during the Ceremony, one of my colleagues came sneaking in to leave some Documents for later. She had a very hard time not laughing aloud.


Is it possible to have a “personalized” ceremony? Are there any “special request” that couples ask you? or maybe in the past you have had some request really “unique” or weird that you want to share with us…

We have had Family members who wanted to say a few Words or bless the Couple. We have also joined a Couple in singing a song. Couples bring music or musicians along. We meet dogs, birds and cats. All are very welcome. Sometimes we also have couples who wish to incorporate a special tradition from their home country. We of course always allow room for this, as this is special and important for the Couples. For us it is also a nice experience.


What is the maximum amount of people you have had in the ceremony room for a wedding?

Probably between 25-30 people standing closely together (this was of course before Corona).  


How many weddings does your town hall perform per year?

Last year we had about 2200 Weddings In earlier years we have had more than 5000 Weddings per year.


Marry on Aero Island
The marriage room in the Aero Town Hall


If you marry in Aero maybe the lovely Tina will be your registrar, and she always looks forward to welcoming you warmly and making your wedding ceremony special.

For more information on this perfect wedding location then please contact us and we are happy to provide a free documents list of what is required to get married.

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