Guide to getting married in Denmark 2024

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Getting married in Denmark enables hundreds of thousands of foreign couples based worldwide to have a stress free wedding. Now that the world is a smaller place, internet, work and travel means that your life partner is not longer likely to be of the same citizenship or residency situation as you. And it is very likely you are not resident in your own home country - all situations meaning it is difficult for you to obtain documents you need to get married.

More and more couples, especially those who have residency in Germany and Europe, or are same sex in a country where it is not legal to be Gay are finding that getting married in Denmark is the most viable option for them to have a legally recognised wedding abroad.

If you have looked at getting married in your own country of residency or citizenship you have most likely found it is a very long complicated process which involves a lot of documents which are hard, impossible or expensive to obtain.

Why do so many foreign couples get married in Denmark?

* Simple and easy document requirements
* Many venues to get married in Denmark from Copenhagen to German border
* The legally recognised Marriage certificate is issued the day of the wedding
* Marriage certificate is issued in English, German, Danish, Spanish & French
* Marriage ceremony language can be English, German or Danish
* Awesome Wedding Agencies to help with the Marriage application and ceremony booking
* It is very low cost with a wedding for only €745
* LGBTQIA+ supporters
* Marry in as little as 2 weeks

So there are many reasons why getting married in Denmark is a fantastic and realistic alternative to getting married abroad over anywhere else in the world, and why it is the number one choice for foreign and international couples.

Documents required for foreign and international couples getting married in Denmark

You will find that the documentation and process is very straightforward, and it is much simpler and far quicker in Denmark than anywhere else to marry. 

Because of the straightforward document requirements, Denmark has earned its reputation for being one of the best countries in the world for foreigners to get married, no matter what their personal circumstances are, or where they live. 

The official documents required for a couple to get married in Denmark are:

  1. Valid Passport / EU ID card - Everyone
  2. Visa / Residence Permit Only if relevant
  3. Evidence you live together – only if relevant
  4. Divorce / death documents – only if relevant
  5. Birth certificates of your children – only if you have shared children together

There is NO requirement to provide a birth certificate, Certificate of non impediment or proof of your martial / single status.

This simple documentation list is of huge benefit to couples who need to get married fast and find that other countries require a long list of hard or impossible to obtain documents. Who doesn’t want a simple bureaucratic process when getting married? Marriage is supposed to be fun!

So lets look at how you start the process of getting married in Denmark....

How to Get Married in Denmark

It is a good idea to contact a good and establish wedding planner for a free no obligation full documents list before you start the process, as there is a lot of incorrect and out of date information on the internet, and you do not want to waste months of time and €€ chasing documents you do not need.

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STEP 1: Gather the required documentation for your marriage application. 

STEP 2: Make (or your Agency makes) your application for marriage to the Familieretshuset.

STEP 3: Receive your approval from the Familieretshuset (Agency of Family Law).

STEP 4: Contact the town hall to book your date (Your wedding planner will do this). 

STEP 4: Get married in Denmark - document presentation day of, or day before the wedding. 


Get married in Copenhagen quickly
Easy process to get married in Denmark with Marry Abroad Simply


STEP 1: Find out exactly what you need - and prepare all required documentation for your marriage application.

It is one thing having the right documents, it is another preparing them and making the application with them in the way that the Familieretshuset need and want.

The Familieretshuset/Agency of Family law have very strict (and not obvious or published) guidelines and how exactly the documentation and applications should be submitted. 

If you get this wrong, you are going to be looking at a minimum of 2-3 month delay on your application for the license. It is strongly advised to engage the services of a good and well known wedding Agency such as Marry Abroad Simply - who have a near on 100% success rate, and are award winning wedding planners in Denmark, and undoubtedly well recognised as the best wedding planners in Copenhagen.

If you work with a good planner they will organise your file, submit your application for the license, receive your approval quickly and also make sure you are marrying at a venue that has space in your timeframe and also suits your travel methods (as some venues are booked up to 3 months ahead, others have space within days).

STEP 2: Make your application for marriage to the Familieretshuset.

* We cannot stress how important it is to have all the right documents, in the right format and answer the questions correctly or you face delays of months.

You can find the website of the Agency of Family Law to make the application for the marriage license HERE.

If you have engaged a wedding agency they will make the application for the license to marry with the Agency of Family Law, and if you choose a good Agency like Marry Abroad Simply this fee of €252 will be included in the payment you make to them (many Agencies charge it in addition). If you are going it alone  to submit an application for marriage to the Danish authorities (Familieretshuset) you must pay a non refundable fee of 1900 Danish Krone – that is roughly €253

Once the application is submitted you will hear back in around 5-7 working days from the Familieretshuset, with either the license, or if anything submitted does not confirm to the guidelines it will be a request for "additional information" and that is a delay of a minimum of 2 months - more in busy times, Familieretshuset will always prioritise new applications over the applications where queries have been raised. 

It’s really important to understand that the key to getting a successful and quick marriage approval from the Familieretshuset is that you MUST get your application correct the first time around. So it is strongly advised if you are needing or wanting to marry in a rush to engage a Wedding Planner to help you marry abroad simply, they are worth the money in time and stress saved.


STEP 3: Receive feedback from the Danish Agency of Family Law/AFL (Familieretshuset).

If everything is correct on your application you will receive within 5-7 working days the approval and license to marry. If there is something incorrect you will receive a request for additional information - the waiting time is roughly 2 months, and you will not know until 2 months has passed if what is submitted is correct, which can then be another 2 month delay. 

The response will either be to approve your application and issue the license, meaning you can then go on to book your wedding date, OR, it will be to tell you that they either have:

  1. A question about a document you have provided 
  2. To request better copies of documents
  3. To ask for additional documentation to be provided
  4. To request an interview with you
  5. To reject your application

It is possible if you have not submitted enough relationship evidence to show longevity and contact that you will be asked in for an Interview, so it is VERY important that you show clear longevity and contact on the application made.

STEP 4: Contact the town hall to book your date.

Ahead of time find out what the waiting times and availability is like at the town hall you have chosen before you submit your application. Availability varies at each town hall as does timeframe, days of the week, and suitability for International weddings. It can take an undisclosed amount of time to make a venue change once approved.

Throughout the whole of Denmark - you cannot book a date at the town hall until you receive your marriage approval. If you work with Marry Abroad Simply for the Copenhagen Express or Super Express service they are able to pencil you in ahead of time pending approval for your preferred date. They are the only Agency in Denmark who offer this service.

Once your approval is issued by the Familieretshuset, you are then able to book your wedding date. 

Before you made your application your Agency would have asked you the rough timeframe and your method of travel so that your application is at a pre-agreed venue which works for you.

Every Town Hall is different, some have  weddings most days of the week, some only one or two days a week. 

Some of the town halls are much busier than others - German border venues such as Tønder are booked up 3 months in advance. 

The town halls have different booking systems, some will email you direct when they receive the license, some you need to contact, some have an automated online booking system.

All factors need to be considered and will have an influence on how quickly you can get a date booked and importantly, when you can get a date booked. So if you’re in a hurry to get married, it’s important to choose a town hall with good availability. 

Either your Wedding Agency will send you a confirmation of where to be, when and with what documents, much support information of vendors and top local tips, and Marry Abroad Simply have an awesome concierge after service also for complete after care customer service. 
When your date is booked, the town hall will write to you (via email) to confirm your booking.


STEP 5: Get married in Denmark.

You need to take note of the document presentation, it is a requirement for ALL venues that the originals of the passports/EU ID/VISA/Residency permit must be presented in person to the venue you are marrying either the day of, or day before the venue (every venue is different).

Your wedding in Denmark cannot go ahead without you both first having presented your travel documents/photo ID to the town hall marriage office. 

It is essential you both go, in person, as the Town Hall staff need to check that you are who you say you are, and that you have legal entry into Denmark. If you have not got legal entry then the registrar is not legally able to get you married.

Once this is done, it’s time to get married!  Your wedding in Denmark will be short and sweet – the town hall ceremonies last no more than 10 minutes, and once your wedding is over, you will be handed your marriage certificates straight away.  The marriage certificates are legally recognised worldwide and are in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French on the same certificate.

These are lots of other (fun) things to consider while preparing for your wedding in Denmark - We cannot stress enough that if you have budget to spend on just 1 thing for your wedding, hire a wedding photographer, you think you will remember .

After you are married 

International Danish Marriage Certificate issued

Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
Danish International Marriage Certificate

Straight after your wedding ceremony you will be given your marriage certificates. This is the same throughout Denmark, no matter which venue you marry at,  your certificates will be given to you immediately after your wedding ceremony by the registrar once you have signed all the wedding paperwork.

Most town halls will issue you with 2 marriage certificates, depending on the venue it is possible to get some extras free of charge if you need them. And if you need copies at a later date in time, you just email the venue you were married in and request these, and they are posted out to you.

Please do check when you receive your marriage certificates that everything is spelt and stated correctly, mistakes can happen, but they are very easy to rectify whilst you are there and the clerk can redo them for you.

The Danish marriage certificate issued to foreign couples is often affectionately referred to as ‘The Danish International Marriage Certificate’

This is because the certificate is issued with the translation of 5 languages on it: Danish, English, German, Spanish and French all on the same document so that you do not need to get the document translated. 

The marriage certificates are legally recognised worldwide, but it is possible some countries will want the document Legalised as per the Hague Apostille convention. Which as Denmark is in this is an Apostille fixed to the back of the marriage certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Apostille pretty just confirms it is a real genuine marriage certificate, issued by a genuine venue and a recognised registrar.|

Read more about it and whether you may need it HERE.


German border wedding denmark
Example of an Apostille on Danish Marriage certificate


Where to Marry in Denmark?

There are many locations to choose from to get married in Denmark, generally it is narrowed down by whether you are flying, driving, or getting the train - and when you wish to marry. There really is the perfect location for every couple. If you are living near the German border and driving it is super easy to get married in Denmark!

The closest venues in Denmark to marry from Germany are (around a 1 hour, or less, drive from the border):

  • Aabenraa
  • Sønderborg
  • Kolding/Christiansfeld
  • Tønder

Other Danish Town Hall option choices for couples who are flying or happy with driving a little further are:

  • Ribe
  • Ærø
  • Copenhagen
  • Helsingor
  • Stevns
  • Dragor
  • Aalborg

Some venues have faster availability than others, generally Ærø has the fastes space, Tønder is the busiest, Copenhagen is a close second with regards to availability, but there are also external weddings in Copenhagen throughout the summer which creates some more choice and spaces.

Wonderfully, Denmark and Germany are so close, it means for German residents, or anyone driving from even Austria or Poland, the trip is very short, and many venues near the German border allow you to turn up, marry and leave all within an hour - so you can be back home for your first married couple dinner together. Also you can have the option to have your ceremony held in German language, makes Denmark a very convenient wedding location for foreign couples residing in Germany.

Denmark really is the best choice for Foreign and International couples looking to elope and marry abroad easily, cheaply and stress free. 

It has a very large and thriving wedding industry, so if you are looking for hair, make up, photos, flowers, videography, wonderful restaurants - Denmark has absolutely everything on offer.

We love Denmark and we hope you will also! ❤️🇩🇰

It would be a pleasure to help you with a wedding in Denmark, please contact us for a completely FREE no obligation documents list by CLICKING HERE. or you can Whats app us direct on +45 71 49 34 83

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