The SOS Service


If you've already applied for a wedding in Denmark and faced delays or unanswered inquiries, don't worry—our team is here to assist you with our SOS Service.

Our Wedding Angels, seasoned administrators, are ready to step in and ensure a stress-free path to your dream wedding. By informing the authorities that we're authorised to act as your representatives, we'll swiftly pick up your file, have it moved to the Agency team and expedite your application process if it is possible.

The Agency of family Law works on a basis that they have to get back to you within 5 working days either with an approval or a request for further information.  If you have a request for additional information then you will experience a delay sometimes in the busier months this can be up to 4 months.  This is because to the 'additional information' will go to the bottom of their inbox and will sit there until the case worker reaches it.

And the added issue with going it alone is that they never tell you what exactly is wrong, so it is very 85% likely that whatever you have sent in is also completely wrong and you will get a further request after 2-4 months... Or a different case worker picks you your file and finds a different issue....and the cycle continues...

As an agency what we can do is ask you to complete a POA, this allows us to then contact the Agency of Family law on your behalf and discuss your case.  If there is a short dated visa, illness or pregnancy  we can often have the approval in a matter of days. 

It is also very likely that you have made application at a venue that does not have any space for when and if your license does come through, so we also deal with that for you.

So handing over to us - this is where you can start to relax and know that you will get married, it may not be the date that you originally anticipated, but you know the next time we hear from the government office it will be with all issues resolved and the license issued, and a venue with relevant space for you. 

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Stress free wedding with our marriage application service

Another option is for you to cancel your current application with problems - and we re-apply for you. In this instance we begin the cycle again and have your approval in 5 working days.  If we were to do this then we would check that all the documents are perfect and nothing else is needed and we are fairly confident that we can have your approval in 5 working days and then we can book your appointment for you and ensure that you are married within your timeline.  All you need to do for this is send all your documents through that you used on your application then we can make sure that everything is there.  The cost of this is €745 with our Simply Everything Service. 

Upon receiving approval, we'll seamlessly finalise the details of your wedding. With our expertise in beautiful Denmark, we'll secure your wedding appointment at a town hall and a venue available on your chosen date.

Let us handle the intricate details while you embrace a heavenly wedding day stress-free. Trust us to turn your wedding aspirations into a reality in breathtaking Denmark.


We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation documents list of what is required for you to get married in Denmark.

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