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There has been a real trend in the last few years of the elopement, with the cost of weddings all over the world rising, couples are now looking for something more personal, something that they can mould and shape into their day.  In a acknowledgement of todays society we can personalise everything!  And in a world where we have so much creativity at our fingertips we can actually live our dreams, take our dream holidays, work from Bali for a year, help save jungles in our Summer breaks, so why would we stick to the traditional sense of a wedding?

All over the world there are so many wedding traditions that couples love to include in ceremonies, however  now there are so many opportunities to 'modernise' them and adapt the traditions to fit in to the custom built celebration that we are wanting to have rather than to stick to the traditions rock solid.  

One issue that we have heard couples musing and pondering about when looking at an elopement is what they consider they are potentially sacrificing or compromising on by having a marriage abroad.

Couples that want to elope, maybe have a beach wedding, a fairytale wedding in the woods, a mountain top wedding, a city centre wedding in a town hall can still use these traditions in a way that will compliment their special day!  But there is always a certain amount of sadness that not everybody can come and share their special day.

Weddings can be expensive, guests, food, flowers, venue hire, drinks, entertainment and if you use a Wedding Planner you will have so many suppliers that you can find yourself and your budget avalanching out of control, however there are so many small artisanal suppliers found on the internet that will personalise and make exactly the things that you would like.    A great compromise is to have a celebration when you get back, a party, gathering, where you can show your photos, have a meal and drinks with your loved ones

One of our favourite resources is  There you can find suppliers from all over the world offering gifts that are hand made to order, you can order in small quantities and they are made especially for you and your big day.


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Deciding on an elopement does not mean you have to lose anything! So many couples we are now finding have the elopement and the marriage abroad, so the legalities and the paperwork are done, they are married and can get the life admin underway. And then when they are ready and have enjoyed a bit of “warm and fuzzy special newly wed time” they will have a party back at home with family and friends!   This means you can have the best of both worlds – the elopement and all the whistles and bells that you want! 

Searching through Etsy and having recommended to lots of our couples under the “best of both worlds” heading we have found an amazing company called Giftopia – they ship worldwide and make completely handcrafted bespoke favours for wedding parties as gifts for guests! Which considering we like to aim ourselves at the “International and any situation market” of couples is a great fit for us.

The lovely Maria will look at any request, no matter how large or small, or timeframe, and come up with something completely perfect for you and your partner. It can be shipped to your hotel in Denmark if you are having a few guests there. Or can be shipped to wherever you live in the world after your elopement for your after wedding party!

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Please take a look at Marias page and see if there is anything there that you see that allows you to have your wonderful romantic elopement, yet still have a couple of things that you can offer your friends and family when you return!

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