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There has been a real trend in the last few years of the elopement, with the cost of weddings all over the world rising and of course covid, couples are now looking for something more personal, something that they can mould and shape into their day.  In a acknowledgement of todays society we can personalise everything! 

One issue that we have heard couples musing and pondering about when looking at an elopement is what they consider they are potentially sacrificing or compromising on by having a marriage abroad.

Couples that want to elope, maybe have a beach wedding, a fairytale wedding in the woods, a mountain top wedding, a city centre wedding in a town hall can still use these traditions in a way that will compliment their special day!  But there is always a certain amount of sadness that not everybody can come and share their special day.

In Denmark and Gibraltar, the destinations we specialize in, we assist in arranging low-cost weddings while ensuring your expectations of a wonderful day are met. We handle the legalities, paperwork, marriage license, and registrar appointments, but there's more to it than just the official proceedings.

Deciding on an elopement does not mean you have to lose anything!

So many couples we are now finding have the elopement and the marriage abroad, so the legalities and the paperwork are done, they are married and can get the life admin underway. And then when they are ready and have enjoyed a bit of “warm and fuzzy special newly wed time” they will have a party back at home with family and friends!   This means you can have the best of both worlds – the elopement and all the whistles and bells that you want! 

But what to expect out of your elopement? What are the benefits, take a look at these explanations and see if an elopement will fit you!


  1. Intimacy: Elopements are known for their intimate and personal nature. It's typically just the couple and perhaps a few close friends or family members, creating a more private and meaningful experience.

  2. Flexibility: Since elopements are usually smaller in scale, they offer greater flexibility in terms of location and timing. Couples often choose picturesque or meaningful locations, such as a beach, mountain, cityscape, or even a destination they've always wanted to visit.

  3. Less Stress: Planning a traditional wedding can be stressful with numerous details to manage. Elopements simplify the process, allowing couples to focus more on the love they share rather than the logistics of a big event.

  4. Cost Savings: Elopements tend to be more budget-friendly than traditional weddings. With fewer guests and less elaborate arrangements, you can save money on venue, catering, and other expenses.

  5. Personalization: With a smaller guest list, couples can personalize the ceremony to reflect their personalities and preferences more easily. This might include writing personal vows, choosing meaningful music, or incorporating unique elements into the ceremony.

  6. Spontaneity: Elopements can be more spontaneous, especially if you decide to elope without much advance planning. This sense of spontaneity can add an element of excitement and adventure to the experience.

  7. Focus on the Couple: Since elopements are usually smaller events, there is a greater focus on the couple and their commitment to each other. The ceremony becomes a deeply personal and emotional moment.

  8. Photography Focus: With fewer distractions and a more intimate setting, elopements provide an excellent opportunity for stunning photography. Couples can capture the raw and genuine moments of their special day.

  9. Relaxed Atmosphere: The atmosphere of an elopement is generally more relaxed and laid-back compared to a larger wedding. This allows the couple to truly enjoy the moment without the pressures that sometimes come with bigger events.

  10. After-Party Options: Some couples choose to have a small celebration or dinner with close family and friends after the elopement. This allows for a more relaxed and intimate post-ceremony gathering.

It's important to note that every elopement is unique, and couples can tailor the experience to match their preferences and desires. Whether it's a spontaneous adventure or a carefully planned intimate ceremony, the most important thing is that the day reflects the love and commitment between the two people getting married.

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Remember, our goal is to make everything about your elopement stress-free and special. Our app provides a list of our partners with all their contact details, so you can easily choose the ones that resonate with your vision.

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