Why couples living in UAE find weddings in Denmark or Gibraltar such good locations

Couples from the UAE seal their love in Denmark or Gibraltar!  Every one of us who lives outside of their home countries and falls in love with someone of a different nationality knows that anything administrative can become a bit of a tangle!


Why UAE couples marry in Denmark or Gibraltar

People marry for many reasons, some marry sooner than expected, maybe your job is changing and in order to be able to stay together then you need to marry. Maybe you want to live together in the same apartment. In today's world a lot of couples don’t feel the need to marry each other, they ‘choose’ to stay together, but for some administrative reason they need to marry and they want to do it quickly and cheaply. Have you ever thought, where are the easiest places to be married abroad? where is the cheapest way to get married? Where are the best places to get married abroad?

Love is love - and everyone should be able to love who they love and we at www.MarryAbroadSimply.com can help you and your love marry with no stress, quickly and in stunning beautiful locations you can absolutely have a simple wedding! The ceremonies are Legal non religious civil ceremonies that are recognised worldwide, and EVERY  situation & circumstance is possible, Denmark is all about the love!

Getting Married in Denmark


UAE Population and Regulations

The Dubai population Demographic Census in 2019 showed that - The population of the UAE is also composed of just 15% native residents, with the remaining 85% being composed of expatriates. About 85% of the expatriate population – or 71% of the total population -- is Asian, primarily from India (accounting for 51%). There are over 200 different nationalities living in the UAE .

This can amount in a lot of couples from all over the world falling in love and wanting to cement their relationships in marriage in order to live in accordance with the country's rules and regulations.

As Propertyfinder.ae explained in 2019 The UAE follows the Sharia law, which deems cohabitation among people of opposite genders, who are not married or blood-related, as illegal.

According to Islam, marriage is considered to be a legal contract between two people (a man and a woman) aiming to safeguard the rights of both the couple and the children. For two people to get married in UAE, they first of all need to register the marriage in a Sharia court for ensuring all the legal requirements of getting married in the UAE.

Expatriates can marry in UAE, the documents needed dependent on their nationality and religion. Marrying in UAE for International couples can be complicated, especially if your home country doesn’t have an Embassy there. This takes time and usually takes up to 4 weeks.

Choose Denmark or Gibraltar for your Wedding

A lot of couples choose to marry abroad, but planning a wedding abroad may be a confusing option for some they want somewhere simply and beautiful, somewhere quick and cheap! Denmark and Gibraltar are two locations where this is possible. As soon as you think of a quick, cheap wedding some people can imagine a rushed affair in a small office somewhere, this can be no further from the truth. Denmark is a stunning country and the town halls are beautiful each one with a specific ceremony room just for conducting wedding ceremonies, and the town hall in Gibraltar is where John Lennon and Yoko Ono married! 

(For the lovers of the beatles out there and you would like to learn how to play the guitar just like a John Lennon himself, please see a great resource here highly recommended!)

Getting Married in Denmark

In accordance to the Danish Statistics Authority in 2018 there were a total of 32525 marriages in Denmark. That is a lot of LOVE, so why did these couples think to marry in Denmark?

There is something so special about a romantic elopement whether it’s just the couple, or a few family or friends or a large event, Denmark and Gibraltar offer some amazing venues, both with central hub airports so it can be easy for family or friends to reach you (if you wish to share the moment). If you are looking for places to eat in Gibraltar, you can find a variety of cuisine on the island. We highly recommend Little Bay curry house, Gauchos Steak house and The Ocean seafood restaurant.

International couples marrying is easy
Easy, fast, cheap weddings for all international couples.


Documents Required for Marriage Abroad

Documents are simple for all nationalities, the process is quick and pain free and with the help of an agency everything can be completed; booked and confirmed all on line, so you can make the trip to either location in 48hrs. Take a look at our blog on the documents needed for Denmark, and Gibraltar.

The marriage certificate is recognized worldwide and we can of course, help you with any extra legalisations if they are needed for your own specific situation.


Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
Example of a Danish International Marriage Certificate


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We are happy to issue you also a free list of documentation that is required to get married in Denmark or Gibraltar.

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