True story of International love conquering all - Including COVID 19 - Anna & Daniel

Foreword by Leanne - "This is a blog written by the incredible Daniel & Anna, one of our incredibly lovely International couple who have given us permission to share with everyone. I am still trying to find the words to describe the resilience, determination, luck, driving force of love and pull of wanting and needing to be together forever that this couple have. I have said to them many times the story should be made into a Hollywood movie, it ticks all the boxes, highs, lows, suspense, and above all else "and they lived happily ever after" ending that is Disney worthy. Truly honoured beyond words to have been able to help this couple, it really did feel like them against the World, WHO, Pandemics, Virus and FCO in a race against time that could change any second.... They did have circumstances that meant they fell into the "Emergency" bracket, so it is not possible for every couple, but for this couple it was, and it deserves and needs to be celebrated, not only the love of them, but the work and help of Copenhagen City Hall staff who are remaining open to help Emergency couples, as without them this story also would not be possible. And thank you again Anna & Daniel for writing such a lovely blog for us, and for your kind words and thanks, it really does make our day (and more!), and I feel so completely overwhelmed, happy and humbled to have made such a positive difference and being part of your biggest day"

Now the words of the amazing Bride & Groom!

15+1 Steps: How a citizen and a resident of Germany can get married in Copenhagen in the times of COVID20.


There are some things money can't buy. Find your soulmate!

For everything else, there's... Leanne!

"Thank you again, dear Leanne! Impossible thing became possible only because of you!"



Step 1: Find your real love and decide to spend all your life together.

Step 1 find your soul mate
Step 1 - find your soul mate!

Step 2: Decide to marry in Copenhagen. Absolutely adorable city right next to the sea!


Get married in Copenhagen City Hall
If you are getting married in Denmark - look at Copenhagen City Hall!

Step 3: Find the Marry Abroad Simply agency to help you with documents. Chat with super lovely Leanne on the website itself and ask her to send information to your email.

Marry Abroad simply for getting married in denmark
Get married in Denmark easily with Leanne

Next steps we would be very happy to avoid, but they did happen, so here they are

Step 4: Don’t check spam, where Leanne’s email mistakenly was lost. And loose Marry Abroad Simply website in the pile of other websites, which you of course will also check.

Step 5: Find another agencies. Most of them will say that the process of preparation of the documents will take at least a month, maybe more. (And we wanted to have it faster). Others will answer your email very not willingly. Really, there was one agency with which we already almost had a contract, we asked them where to send the money and some additional questions about the documents which had to be answered urgently… well what can we say. We are happily married already and we still didn’t get the answer from that agency..... Probably they just didn’t want to work.

And now coming back to the right steps on the way to happy marriage:

Step 6: Be upset that you didn’t get an email from that nice lady from the very first agency of Marry Abroad Simply. Take a moment and... check finally the spam box! Yeah, you are overwhelmed, but seriously, never forget to check the spam. And find there several very informative and very kind emails from Leanne.

Step 7: Be happy!

Step 8: Text to Leanne, start to cooperate with her and her agency. And she will work and answer you even on Sunday midnight! Really, that woman is amazing… Since by that time we had all documents (even extra ones, which we didn’t need at the end), we hand it in to Leanne. She even offered us to put up together all the photos and some chat texts (which we could send to her) to make a relationship document for us. But we really enjoyed doing most of it by ourselves, remembering all our story on the way. Try it! You will get a very nice evening or two of sweet memories. However, Leanne still guided us with what else we should fill the document, and at the end we had a very nice about 50 pages “book” of our relationship.

We wanted and could make it much longer… but well, decided to limit ourselves a bit. :) So after we had sent all the documents on Saturday evening, and after the whole lot of work from Leanne’s side, she managed to send them to Denmark officials...on Sunday night!  And then we just needed to wait.

Step 9: In only a week you get the answer that your documents are alright and you can set the date and marry. Leanne preliminary booked us the date of 16.03 in Copenhagen City Hall, which we asked her, and after our documents were checked, she confirmed the booking of this date for us.

The Danish Agency of Family Law approval

Step 10: Buy plane tickets and book a hotel. We bought tickets for 15.03 to come the day before the ceremony.

Aaand here is the most intriguing pandemic edition part begins...

Step 11: Wake up on 12.03. Learn the news that Vienna is about to close borders because of coronavirus. Get in contact with Leanne, who will answer immediately, to share your concerns.

Trust your instincts. And CHANGE THE PLANE TICKETS! Really! And go to Denmark as soon as possible. We changed the tickets for plane very spontaneously from 15.03 to 13.03. early morning. Also had to change hotel in a hurry. Reminder: We did it on 12.03 afternoon. So we had half a day to prepare morally, finish our planned tasks, pack luggages. And at 6 am of 13.03 we already were in the plane.

Step 12: Come safely but totally tired to Copenhagen. And learn at the same day that Denmark is CLOSING THE BORDERS, starting from the next day!

Step 13: Be happy! Really! Yeah, it is super super upsetting and frustrating that no one of your guests will be able to come… BUT! That is a fantastic luck, that YOU are already in Copenhagen! And it’s always possible to organize another ceremony, for instance, in the church with all the guests then. But later when this pandemia will finally be over.

Step 14: After first waves of happiness go away, start feel worried and text to… well Leanne, of course. You thought she was only to help you to do the paper job? Well, technically yeah. That is the only purpose of all agencies. But obviously not the only purpose of the Marry Abroad one. We are sorry, maybe you are already not willing to read about that wonderful woman again… We mentioned her too many times. But please forgive us. She was the main fairy to make our magical wedding in the times of coronavirus to come true.


Love conquers all!
True love overcomes all, marriage in Denmark

Step 15: Get the immediate answer and support from Leanne, who will be in contact with city hall and us through all the weekend to make sure that the CLOSED city hall would be OPENED only for us on our date and the marriage would happen. Final step:

Say -“I do!” -“I do!”


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Copenhagen City Hall wedding
Saying "I do" in Copenhagen City Hall