The Ultimate Copenhagen Service


If you're envisioning a swift, effortless, and truly unforgettable wedding abroad wedding experience in Denmark, our Ultimate Copenhagen Elopement package is precisely what you're seeking. Crafted for those desiring simplicity and elegance, we specialize in turning your dream of marrying in Copenhagen into a flawless reality.

But what exactly is an ultimate Elopement?  Well it is an elopement (or not you are allowed to have guests) and everything is done for you.. we will manage and made your marriage license with the Danish Agency of Family law (familieretshuset) and book the ceremony in the stunning Copenhagen City Hall.

And then when you are enjoying the fizz and excitement of the run up to the wedding - we will organise the wedding Bridal hair and make-up to attend to you the morning of the wedding at your hotel, Bridal bouquet and Button-hole of your choice to be delivered to your hotel, and photographer to capture the occasion to meet you at Copenhagen City Hall.

 All you need to think about is where to stay and where to eat and of course we have our amazing concierge service to help with all of that.

Copenhagen Elopement
Flowers by Cool & Cozy


copenhagen make up artist
 Nordic Make-up & Hairstyling. Photo credit Sla Karvounis


There are of course some practicalities that we also add into the mix, making the ultimate elopement the best..

Flexible Date Options  - tailor your special day by choosing a weekday that suits your schedule (subject to availability), or opt for a weekend ceremony on Saturdays or Sundays with an additional surcharge. Venues, registrars and suppliers do get booked up, but we have a huge network and look after 35% of all couples getting married in Copenhagen so we can generally help. But it is advised when you know a rough date range to get the process started, as it is the license issue that takes the time, and they are valid for 4 months.

What’s Included in the package?

All AFL fees, license costs, taxes, registrar, venue, witnesses, marriage certificates, hair, make up, bouquet, buttonhole, photographer for 1 hour and 50 edited digital photos, concierge after support and unlimited customer service, as well as a guide on how to do the Legalisation yourself if you wish.

* Comprehensive Documents Support Receive a detailed list for the documentation process for the marriage license

* We submit and manage your marriage application for the license with the Danish Agency of Family law (we are the ONLY Agency with a near on 100% success rate)

* Booking of your wedding in Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room, provision of two witnesses and a minimum of two International Marriage certificates issued on the day.

 Our Concierge Support extends our support beyond the ceremony for assistance with any other questions you may have and information that you need. We make sure you and the Hair, make up and photographer are in touch - as we want you to have the style you want, it is your day. And we organise your chosen blooms to be delivered to your hotel for the morning (or day before if a Sunday) of the wedding.  

We are so confident in our awesome marriage license application skills that we also offer complete peace of mind with a promise of a full and immediate refund if your application faces rejection.

We do try and keep costs to a minimum for you, as we are here to help, support and offer our extensive local knowledge, not to cost you a fortune (weddings and travel are super expensive we know!) so we also offer Legalisation Assistance and how you can do this yourself whilst you are in Copenhagen to reduce the cost to €30 per certificate for you.

This package really is the Stress-Free path to Marriage abroad, and a fantastic elopement package that will not break the bank.

Just choose your desired date and the colour of your flowers—leave the rest to us. Revel in the joy of your day as your International marriage certificates are handed to you immediately after the ceremony, available in English, German, Danish, Spanish, & French.

Denmark really is the best choice for Foreign and International couples looking to elope and marry abroad easily, cheaply and stress free. 

It has a very large and thriving wedding industry - Denmark has absolutely everything on offer and getting married in Copenhagen, the Capital City means you have a HUGE choice of restaurants, hotels, and travel options.

We love Denmark and we hope you will also! ❤️🇩🇰

It would be a pleasure to help you with a wedding in Denmark, please contact us for a completely FREE no obligation documents list by CLICKING HERE. or you can Whats app us direct on +45 71 49 34 83

You can also check out our YouTube Channel HERE for some visual information on getting married in Denmark - hear it from the best wedding planners in Denmark!