Get married in Denmark Quickly and Easily

Are you looking to get married in Europe? Denmark is an ideal destination for international couples wanting to elope and get married quickly.  We’ll do it all for you, you simply turn up and get married, and we can get you married as quickly as you wish to proceed! 

Here’s how you can make your dream wedding happen in Denmark in just a few simple steps.


Why Choose Denmark?

Denmark offers a hassle-free process for international couples. With our exclusive Copenhagen Express service, you can get married within days of approval, on a specific date and time. In many cases, couples can marry in under 2 weeks, and certainly in less than 4 weeks!


Denmark super fast wedding in Copenhagen City Hall
Copenhagen City Hall ceremony room with the Copenhagen Express service


The Copenhagen Express Service

Generally you need to wait for approval for your wedding date to be scheduled in based on availability, and at the moment for many venues that can be a good 6-8 weeks ahead minimum. NOT with the Copenhagen Express, it does what it says on the tin, it is the express way of marrying in Copenhagen, you cut through the waiting time and delays and steam directly to your wedding date.


Why Choose Marry Abroad Simply for Your Fast Denmark Marriage?

Quick Approval: No long waiting times. You can get married within days.

  • No Extra Documents: No need for marital status documents or birth certificates.
  • Witnesses Provided: Don’t worry about bringing witnesses.
  • Multilingual Ceremonies: Choose from English, German, or Danish.
  • Comprehensive Package: For just €1095, everything is included, with no hidden fees.

What’s Included?

  • International Marriage Certificates: Receive two copies of your international marriage certificate immediately after your ceremony.
  • Unlimited Date Changes: Flexibility to change your wedding date if needed.
  • Venue Options: Marry at the stunning Copenhagen City Hall or opt for an open-air ceremony. Same-sex couples can also celebrate during the annual Pride Celebration.

Your wedding will be in Copenhagen, which is gorgeous, and getting married in Copenhagen City Hall is simply stunning, ornate, rich in history, and a breathtaking venue for your wedding.  So much to do in the City for all budgets and however long you want to stay there. Also included with the Copenhagen Express option you can choose to have an open air ceremony.  Or if you are having a same sex ceremony then you can be a part of the wonderful Pride Celebration where every year Copenhagen Wedding office arrange a wonderful day of same sex weddings.  


How to get started?

  1. Contact Us: Reach out via phone, email, or WhatsApp.
  2. Answer Simple Questions: We’ll ask about your residency, citizenship, and any previous marriages.
  3. Recieve a free no obligation documents list: We provide a free, no-obligation list of required documents.
  4. Submit Documents: Email us the necessary documents, and we’ll handle the rest.

Book Your Ceremony: We’ll process your application and schedule your wedding.

Get married in Copenhagen quickly
Get married in Denmark as quickly as possible with the Copenhagen Express


Marrying in Denmark is the simplest solution for all International Couples as it provides you with an International Marriage Certificate that you can use anywhere in the world.  So if you are living in Germany or living in the UAE or anywhere else then you can spend 48 hours in Denmark and have a wonderful Copenhagen City Hall wedding and then return to your home country with your certificates in hand ready to register your wedding on your return.


Documents Required: 

- Passports/ID cards

- Entrance visas  (if needed)

- Divorce or death certificates (if applicable) some may need to be legalised

- Residence Permits (if living in a country that is not your home country and you need a residency permit!)

As there is much confusion out there, and many websites have not been updated but you NO LONGER NEED MARITAL STATUS DOCUMENTS OR BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

Once you have your ceremony booked, then your Wedding Planner in Denmark will help you with the logistics so you know where you need to be and at what time. 

We can guide you on local florists, hair and make-up and photographers so you have everything that you need.  They can help you  with detailed explanations of the Ceremony at Copenhagen City Hall and a short guide to the city, 

"We make it look simple, not because it is, but because we are very good at what we do, and we know how the system works and what is required. And we are as passionate about your wedding day as you our, it is our mission to get you married when and where you want, its not a file, its a life long dream and a memory forever" Leanne - Wedding consultant at Marry Abroad Simply

Get married in Denmark fast
Get married in Denmark as quickly as possible on a named date


After the Ceremony

Post-wedding, you’ll receive your marriage certificate. If needed, we can help you obtain an Apostille stamp for international verification. The Apostille stamp is a verification of the authenticity of the document made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.  You can do this yourself and your wedding planner in Denmark will help with this or you can take an Apostille Service, where this is done for you and we courier it back to you.


Explore Copenhagen

Denmark is a wonderful place to marry the country, the settings, the people the atmosphere and the progressive thinking ensure that any couple from anywhere will have a wonderful experience. 

For more information or to get started, contact us at:


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