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Getting Married in Denmark can be any type of wedding that you want.  It can be a big wonderful event with all your friends and families there, it can be a smaller even with a few of your chosen loved ones, a ceremony in the town hall and then a celebratory meal or it can be a small event with only you two a perfect romantic dinner afterwards and a stroll along the streets enjoying your first evening as husband and wife.


Along with these there are other things that you want to include on your wedding day.  Whether you are having a big party or a small and intimate wedding you may still want to incorporate flowers, either grand table decorations or simple bouquets or button holes.

We love wedding flowers, they are like an artistic colourful interpretation of blossoming love, colours of passion, a reflection of the delicacy of your heart and the fragility and beauty of a connection with your soul mate. This bouquet to me with all the different colours working so well together makes me think of the blends of international couples we get that just work and harmonise with each other, personalities, likes, dislikes, size, color, open, more reserved - all bound together for life in a beautiful package the is effortless and natural. Just like our couples.

We love Miss Liss - you are a floral artist! And available to represent your love through the medium of flora and fauna. And you can have them pressed afterwards to keep forever. 


Your wedding planner in Denmark can help with wedding flowers
Your wedding planner in Copenhagen can help you with flowers!

Here Marry Abroad Simply are your wedding planners in Denmark and your wedding planners in Copenhagen we can help you with these choices and once you have chosen which service you would like we will then send you our list of recommended suppliers.

Flowers for your wedding is very much a personal choice, some people will make the choice through colours, the types of flowers, the season or the theme of the wedding.


Colours of flowers

Different colours of flowers have different meanings.

Wedding Flowers

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Type of Flower

Depending on the type of flower that you carry can have different meanings for a full list please see this article, there's lots to choose from!

Wedding Flowers

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Season of Flowers

Flowers of course have their seasons and this is something that florists will explain to you.  You can get flowers when they are out of season but these will be more expensive.


Wedding Flowers

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If the choice is too much to you then we would always recommend that you speak to a florist, they will help and make selections, lots of them will have examples to show you.

Also we can help you!  For lots of lovely visuals of wedding flowers then please see our Pinterst Board on Wedding Flowers.


Your personal consultant wedding planner in Denmark and your Wedding Planner in Gibraltar are available to answer any questions, provide more information or address any concerns.   

In addition we offer a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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