Getting Married in Denmark - Stevns Klint

A lovely alternative to Copenhagen is Stevns for a fast wedding. The lovely registrars we have known for as long as have been wedding planners in Denmark and they are the sweetest nicest people. You can read some information about the registrars who will be marrying you in Stevns HERE


Days of Ceremony - 

Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 

Saturday: On the first Saturday of every Month

August  closed in weeks 28, 29, 30 

Document Presentation - Day of the wedding

Timeframe between approval and appointment - 7 Days

Witnesses provided - Only on Thursdays and the first Saturday of every month, you need to provide 2 of your own witnesses on a Tuesday and Friday.


Where is Stevns?

Stevns kommune is an area that is close to Copenhagen yet on the coast, Stor heddinge is 1 hour South from Copenhagen airport by train. A very scenic train ride, and one that you can take directly from either the centre of Copenhagen or from Copenhagen City Airport itself. Many couples who would like to get married in Denmark quickly opt for this venue, as you can fly into Copenhagen International airport, get the train to Stevns, present your documents just before your wedding and be back into Copenhagen on that day!

Speak to your expert Wedding planner in Denmark who can look at availability and suitability of any venue for you based upon your timeframe, date, and availability. They can advise you on all and any location if you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark. There are loads of great Agencies that can help you!

The town hall is in a beautiful town called Stor Heddinge, which is close to the sea, and  is 1 hour from Copenhagen by car or about 1hr 45mins by train or bus.  You can also fly into Malmo and it is an easy drive from the German border.

The registrars in Stevns are wonderful and we have been working with this town hall for many years.


Get married in Denmark close to Copenhagen and near the sea


Where will I marry?

You will marry in the town hall in Stor Heddinge.  It is more of an office style town hall, but the registrars and staff are absolutely lovely,  and the ceremony room is light and airy often with flowers and a contemporary feel. The registrar is so lovely and we conducted an interview with her!  Please read about it here.

You can also take your dog if you wish which makes it a really popular venue for those wishing to take along furry friends!

Get married near Copenhagen by the sea quickly
Get married in Denmark in Stevns UNESCO Heritage town
Get married days after approval




The History & Sights of the Area?

Stevns is a relatively well know Kommune in Denmark.  It became famous in the 14th Century by becoming a merchants town.  When the Saint Katherina Church was built in the 13th Century the town of Stor Heddinge became well known as it attracted visitors from all over the area.


Getting Married in stevns


Stevns is also well known for the wonderful white cliffs that are a popular tourist attraction, they are beautiful and  are known as Stevns Klint. In addition there is a UNESCO Heritage site  old church "Hojerup" (our feature picture!) that is still open for visitors today that partially collapsed over the cliffs in 1928 due to erosion.  It is stunning and a wonderful backdrop for any wedding photograph.  It was built by a sailor that almost drowned off the coast and he promised to build a chapel in the spot if he survived.  The views are stunning!


Stevns marriage

The church sits right on the waters edge and will easily and quickly take you back hundreds of years!

Copenhagen Wedding


Couples can come to this area after their ceremony and have some wonderful photos taken to remember this amazing part of Denmark.

Church Wedding Denmark


Stevns is also home to the wonderful lighthouse that, at 27 metres high towers above the cliffs.  Built in 1878 from the chalk stone in the cliffs.

Marry cheap and quick
Get married in Days after approval in Denmark in Stevns

There is also a wonderful museum from the Cold War that opened in 2008 it features a guided tour of the large underground system of the fortress.

In 2014 Stevns was listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, due to its natural beauty

Wedding in Stevns
Get married in Denmark in a UNESCO Heritage site


Getting married in Denmark close to Copenhagen

If you are looking at getting married in Denmark and want to consider some alternative locations that give you a wide variety of places for a ceremony - maybe you and your partner love nature, or the sea, or want something not so "city", then this could be the location for you. Denmark has so much to offer for couples in love and weddings!

Our Recommendations

There are lots of restaurants in Stor Heddingesomething for everyone.  Our personal favourite is MALT, this is a traditional, contemporary Danish restaurant that always has such a great atmosphere!

For hotels, there are several hotels in Stor Heddinge and lots in the surrounding area so certainly something for everyone, with all budgets, styles and needs. We particularly love this one - Rødvig Kro & Badehotel  they are right on the coast and sit in a wonderful bay area, it really has everything dramatic sea views, wonderful friendly restaurants and stunning views inland and out to sea.  You can stop by for a quick drink or a meal the restaurant is open from the early evening to the night time.

The Town Hall is just 1 train stop away (walk from train to destination at both ends!), they also have a wedding package so you can have your wedding held there, and if you have many guests they will organise a set menu and also a sit down meal if you wish. Enquire if you would like details, as we can certainly help!


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Getting married abroad and having Marry Abroad Simply help you with the planning of your elopement is the easiest, fastest most stress free option for international and foreign couples looking to get married in Denmark. We are expert wedding planners in Denmark and Copenhagen who work closely with all Town Halls and the Danish Agency of Family Law (Familierethuset) to help you have a perfect smooth legally recognised worldwide wedding experience.


For more information on this perfect wedding location then please contact us and we are happy to provide a free documents list of what is required to get married in Denmark near the German border.

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