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Wedding photography is so important, whether you are eloping to a small quiet town hall, or if you have 300 guests at a large hotel, if you are getting married you will probably want someone there to capture the special moments between you and your loved one.

It is actually one of our top tips as wedding planners, that if you can only budget for a few things - then along with getting your documents and application done, you should also spend money on a good wedding photographer. As they are going to capture the emotion and details of the day. You always think you will remember every moment of your wedding day, but it is so over whelming, and when you watch the wedding video or wedding photos it is like you are enjoying it again from different angles and perspectives. It's quite magical in its own way.


Get married in Denmark in any season
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With a good photographer like Sergiu Leustean in Denmark, it does not matter if the sun is shining or not as the photographer will use the weather to capture endless types of magic. The strong cloudy sky dramatically opened up over the newly weds creating a beautiful mystical light effect on them. This couple have a passion for Architecture and had the wedding photo shoot at Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Castle. 

There is so much scope when getting married in a Town Hall in Denmark or Gibraltar for a wonderful photo shoot after your wedding, or for a pre wedding shoot, so you can really capture the country you are marrying and have diverse and interesting pictures forever.

Get married in Denmark with a good wedding photographer
Get married in Denmark with a good wedding photographer - Leustean

Some couples prefer black and white photos, which is great for timeless photos, and if the sun is not shining.

There are so many different types of wedding photographers out there, all with their own unique amazing individual style and way of delivering the memories of the day. Just as you as a couple may prefer staged photos, or reportage, theme, location shoots. The search to not only find someone that stylistically you are on the same wavelength with, but who you also feel comfortable with and get along with is very important as they will be next to your side throughout the whole experience, so you need to gel with them or it could put a dampner on the day.

Lots of people now are getting married abroad, some may choose their photographer ahead of time and others will get to their location and google 'photographers near me'.  You can usually always look on their website and look at wedding photos, wedding pictures from couples that have entrusted them with recording their wedding day.  You should also see some wedding photography prices so before you make contact you can see if they are in your budget.

So what are the key points in choosing a photographer;


What type of photography style do you like, traditional portraits, a photo-journalistic feel, sharp black and white shots. Your search for a photographer should start with this. There is an interesting article on which you can read here

Do your homework

Read reviews from past couples, these are invaluable.  Look at their work from other weddings, is it setting the tone the way you like it? wpja,com has some reviews which you read here

Contact a few Options

You should speak to the photographers, this isn't always easy if you are marrying abroad but a quick phone call and a chat about what you want is always advisable. And many of them now also offer skype meetings in advance to discuss what you want, your budget and discuss ideas, as of course it is not always possible to meet them ahead of time, with not only schedules, but also if you are an International couple travelling from overseas to get married in Denmark.

Make sure your personalities mesh

Don't underestimate the importance liking and bonding with your photographer, are they excited by your proposal? Are they asking lots of questions? Are they respectful and confident? Ideally your photographer should be someone that respects people around them and social graces, however they will also hunt out a great shot, even if it includes climbing a lamp post!  They will be following your every move throughout the process even if its for 1 hour or 8 hours you must get on with them.


Please compare prices and what they include, prices are set usually between amount of time spent and number of digital shots, are the photos edited or not, do you get an album?  

Ask About your rights

After the ceremony, the photographer will probably own the rights to the images, allowing them to use them as promotional material for their business, maybe you can't post the photos on social media without crediting them.  You may have to buy the rights to the photos of them.

Whether it is one hour, or a day long event, the photos from your ceremony and celebration or of the surrounding areas are so important on your memories of the day.  If you have just eloped as a couple then its nice to have some wonderful images to share with your friends and families back home.

Another great resource and tool for you is the blog on Wedding Rebels that offers photographer tips, things to consider for your wedding photography (expanded detail and different areas to the ones we have covered) and also shows a really cool product that will allow you to add filters to your professional or personally taken wedding photos. 

For all of our couples at Marry Abroad Simply, we have a great list of Danish photographers and also of course photographers in Gibraltar that can serve all of our venues and offer excellent wonderful services!




If you are interested in getting married in Denmark and want to know more about our photographers, please feel free to contact us, we are passionate about getting married in Denmark and about having the best Danish wedding photographer that you can get - so are happy to help!

There are so many examples to choose from, please see our Pinterest Board Wedding Photographs for more inspiration.

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