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Why do you need a wedding planner in Copenhagen?

We all know that getting married in Denmark is easy and the documents needed are minimal - so why should you have a wedding planner in Copenhagen?  Is it worth the extra cost?

When you are looking at getting married in Denmark you will see a lot of statements like "Easiest place to get married in Europe" and "Get married in Copenhagen fast" or "Wedding in Denmark in under 10 days". Which can be true - but as with everything in life, things are only easy if you know how to do them, and organising a marriage application for Denmark with the Danish Agency of Family law is the same. 

Which is where a good wedding planner in Denmark is worth their weight in gold, as without the license - you are not getting married in married in Denmark. And without a good wedding planner in Copenhagen, you will not know how to find space for a ceremony or get married in your desired timeframe in Copenhagen.

A good wedding planner will make the time from your Engagement to your Wedding SO much easier, stress free, calm, and ensure you have the wedding you want, where and when you want it. 

The main, most important and first stage of getting married in Denmark is knowing what documentation is needed for you get your application for the marriage license.


Also a discussion about where in Denmark and when you would like to get married in Denmark will be had, as if you need to get married in Denmark in 2 weeks there is no point making your application for a venue in Denmark that is fully booked for 3 months.

Once you know the documents that are needed they need to be sent to your wedding planner, there is a very set and rigid set of rules the government office have for the documents required for the marriage license, and your Wedding planner takes care of all of this.

Once the license is issued your wedding planner in Denmark can get you booked in. And as we are expert wedding planners in Copenhagen, we have access to private registrars, cancellation ceremonies in Copenhagen, and insider information on every aspect of your wedding in Copenhagen, from Suppliers to events.

So simply put - A wedding planner in Copenhagen or Denmark for an International couple is there to help you, make your application to the Danish Agency of Family Law, advise you on the documents needed and put your file together, liaise and speak with the Danish Government office to sort out any issue (which believe us is worth every penny as unless you are an Agency they are almost impossible to speak to!). And book your Town Hall registrar, the date, organise you extra marriage certificates, witnesses, Legalisations (if you need them), move your location or date - all of the actual mechanics that are the legal lynch pins of you actually being married in Denmark and getting married in Denmark.


Get married in Denmark springtime wedding
A wedding planner in Denmark can take the stress out. Photo credit Yoanna

Even though everything is simple.  Wedding Planners are there to take the stress out of the situation.  They know the process and the logistics like the back of their hands so to them from the simplest question to the most complex then they will be able to answer it.

When you contact a wedding planner, of course, you will be firstly concerned with the date and the location. You want to get everything arranged and booked and organised, however your wedding planner in Copenhagen, may steer you in a different direction.  This isn't because they want to distract you from all the fun and wonderful part, it's because you have to follow a certain process in order for all the fun bits to fall into place.. 

So what is the process that you need to follow

Wedding planner in Copenhagen

CONTACT - Firstly the step that you need to take is the documentation!  If you don't have the correct documents your ceremony won't be improved so this is the most important parts of the process.  However your wedding planner in Denmark, will be able guide you in the right direction, help you get the right documents and they will be able to let you know where to get them from and how to present them.  This part, even though it may be frustrating for you is something that you have to do so even if your wedding planner in Denmark seems like a scratched record, please listen to them, they only want you to get a fast approval, they know what works and what doesn't.

DOCUMENTATION - Once all the documents are there and in the right order, labelled ready and ready for the application, your wedding planner in Denmark will then make the application for you and then they will be in contact with the Agency of family law until you have the approval. 

APPLICATION - Im sure that you have all at some times in your life have tried to get in touch with a government agency, they will always work to the beat of their own drum.  Sometimes they can appear to be really unhelpful, sometimes you can't even get in touch with them.  Sending the email and the refreshing, refreshing and refreshing waiting for the email to arrive.  Your wedding planner in Denmark, knows how to get in touch with them, what questions to ask and what they will need to get the approval.

APPROVAL - So you have the approval!  Congratulations! Now you need to make the appointment at the town hall.  It needs to be a town hall that has availability on your desired date, it needs to be a town hall that you can get to easily, it needs to be a town hall where they offer witnesses if you need them;  Thats a lot to consider, but don't worry your wedding planner in Denmark will be able to give you your options, if you need to change the location of your ceremony they can quickly do this.  There are more than one wedding venues in Copenhagen and your wedding planner in Copenhagen can explain all your options to and get you booked in at the perfect place for your ceremony.


So that is the formal process, but if course now is the time that you can do the fun stuff!  You have your date and time of your ceremony, so how can your wedding planner in Copenhagen help you after this point?





Hair and Make-up

Little 'how-to' questions

There are lots of other bits and pieces that once arranged will make your already wonderful trip even better and your wedding planner in Copenhagen will be able to help you with all of these, they will have trusted reliable suppliers that they have worked with multiple times. In all of our packages the Concierge service is included, which you are put in touch with after your license is issued, and they help support you with anything else you may need.


Love conquers all!
Copenhagen wedding planner can organise Copenhagen City Hall

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So do you think that all of those benefits is worth the extra cost?  Or if you would just like a no obligation document list then please contact us and we can help!

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