Documents Required for Marriage in Denmark

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Documents required for marrying in Denmark are very simple to compile, of course the exact list can only be provided once you have answered some specific questions, however please see our brief list below.  In some cases the Danish Authorities will ask for further documents, however we can let you know where and how you can attain these if needed.

All Applicants need to provide;

  • Valid Passports (the expiry date must allow for 6 months between the ceremony date and the expiration date).
  • If you are not living in your country of citizenship, a valid residence permit.
  • If you do not have visa free entrance to the Schengen Zone then a valid Schengen Visa with validity for the date of the ceremony.
  • If you are divorced, the original full and final divorce decree, this must be legalised within in accordance to the Hague Convention.
  • If you are a widow or widower, you must have an original death certificate legalised to with accordance to the Hague Convention.

All documents need to be in either English, German or Danish, if they are not then they must be translated by a certified translator.

We are expert wedding planners in Denmark and work closely with all Town Halls in Denmark, as well as the Danish Agency of Family law to process your application and paperwork for a marriage in one of the Town Halls.


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What are the documents required for getting married in Denmark

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