Do I need witnesses at my wedding in Denmark?


This is a question that we are asked so many times about witnesses, and you can read the short answer in our FAQ section, but here is an expanded explanation of the question as to whether you need witnesses at your wedding ceremony in more detail.

Witnesses are always required at all and any weddings in Denmark.  They are the official legal witnesses to the marriage under law and their presence serves a legal purpose. You are not classed as legally married without them.

The purpose is to be able to swear in court/town hall as to the identity of the parties or to testify to the circumstances in which the ceremony was performed, including the date and place.

The witnesses just need to be there and 'witness' the ceremony and then they will sign the wedding certificate stating that the ceremony happened at that time and place.


do i need witnesses at my wedding


You need to have 2 witnesses, both of them need to be over 18years of age and they need to be physically present at the ceremony.  They must listen to the ceremony and then sign the certificate to show that what is written it true.

Town halls are obliged to provide witnesses for you which makes getting married in Denmark so easy as you can just arrive on your own.  However this is not always possible and some town halls can't provide them everyday so please check with your wedding planner in Denmark if you need to take witnesses with you. This is generally only on Saturdays though in a select few Town halls that witnesses are not available, or if you wish to have an external ceremony.

Witnesses can be your guests and we alway think that if people have travelled to your ceremony then it is so nice to involve them in the proceedings and I'm sure anybody that is asked to be a witness is thrilled!

However reading an article on the website WeddingWire this is quite an important decision for some people.

Of course in Denmark we are often helping international couples that are eloping and are staying in Denmark for a matter of days and have come alone.  Some couples will leave it and grab people off the street or people in the town hall, this is a really bold move, yet as the ceremony is so quick people generally won't mind and will do it with a huge smile on their faces!

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Do I need witnesses in Denmark