Getting Married in Denmark - Ribe


Days of Ceremony - Thursdays

Document Presentation - Same day as ceremony

Timeframe between approval and appointment - 2 weeks - 4 weeks

Witnesses provided - Weekdays


Where is Ribe 

Ribe is an amazing town close to the German border, although it is technically in the Esbjerg Kommune, Ribe is slightly more South that Esbjerg.  Both are 3 hours by car from Copenhagen and about one hour from the German border. A wonderful midway between Germany and Copenhagen that offers stunning scenery and a wide variety of options for venues, but you will not be dissappointed with the town hall.  


Getting Married in Ribe


Where will I marry?

You will marry in Ribe Town Hall, commonly know as Det Gamle Rådhus” (the Old Town Hall), breathtaking with its red brick and an amazing background for photos!


Town hall wedding ribe
Ribe town Hall


Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark, dating back to the early 8th century.  With this there is a lot of historical and cultural points, there is a Cathedral, which is breathtaking.  The medieval 'vibe' runs strongly through the beautiful narrow cobbled streets. 

Quick Wedding in Ribe
Beautiful Ribe Town Hall

This is where Scandinavia reaches the rest of Europe and the Vikings launched their wooden ships at Ribe to sell their goods and spread terror around the rest of Europe.  There is a river that flows right through the centre of the town.

German border wedding
Ribe is very quaint and unique


Making the river a focal point for restaurant and bars which finishes at the harbour that used to welcome over 600 ships in the middle ages and make an impressive market place for traders all over Europe.  If course in addition to the river there are many water mills that make a wonderful sound of funnelling water.


Fast Danish Wedding
Ribe is on the water

The town centre itself is stunning and the town hall that is in the centre on the main square, this is where you will marry!

The area that Ribe and Esbjerg spans is one of natural beauty and industrial strength.

Fast wedding Ribe
Get marred in Ribe and see fantastic architecture


Our Recommendations

Restaurants in the two towns are numerous and you have the choice of all types of food from all over the world here you will see some restaurants in Ribe, and here in Esbjerg.  So much to choose from, our favourite is Weis Stue in Ribe, this is a lovely Danish restaurant in the town centre, and Viet takeway in Esbjerg, now this is a take out and there as not a sit in option but the food is amazing! And when the weather is nice you are not short of locations to have a nice romantic al fresco picnic to enjoy it!

The Wedding office are lovely and we can help arrange your ceremony at either of these locations easily as soon as we have the 'Permission to Marry' (Marital Certificate) from the Agency of Family Law (Familierethuset, or Danish Agency of Family Law).

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