Copenhagen Open Air Weddings 2024

Copenhagen offers some breathtaking outdoor locations for weddings! The city has beautiful parks, gardens, and waterfront areas that could serve as stunning settings for an open-air wedding. Places like the Tivoli Gardens, Frederiksberg Gardens, or the waterfront areas near Nyhavn are popular choices.

Every year the amazing registrars in City Hall Copenhagen hunt around the city to find the most amazing and inspiring places to hold ceremonies and then they arrange days of the year where they will travel and couples can marry in these wonderful spaces.. Some are obvious, glorious and special and some are cool and unexpected.

The charm of an open-air wedding in Copenhagen can be truly magical, especially with the city's picturesque scenery and vibrant atmosphere.



Copenhagen Light Festival! February 2nd - 25th 2024

Get married in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Festival of Light is amazing!


Celebrating your marriage amid the enchanting ambiance of the Copenhagen Light Festival promises an unforgettable experience. This festival brings captivating light installations that transform the city during the serene winter nights.

For years, the Copenhagen Light Festival has adorned urban spaces with innovative aesthetics, showcasing creations from both local and international artists and designers.

Your ceremony will be held amidst the mesmerizing PixelEarth light installation, situated near Christian IV's Bridge by the harbor. Created by Claus Boysen and Frederik Dahl Houghs, PixelEarth is an interactive installation shedding light on the earth's evolution over the past decade. It combines historical weather data with real-time information from WWF, offering visualizations that beautifully illustrate our planet's changes.

Please note that the image displayed above depicts last year's installation by the same artists at the same location


MARCH 2024

Electrical Substation - March 6th

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Get married in the Copenhagen Suburb of Valby in the renovated sub station.


The old electrical substation in Copenhagen's Valby neighbourhood, once abandoned for two decades, has undergone a remarkable transformation through extensive renovation.

Now, you have the opportunity to exchange vows in a setting that combines beauty, raw charm, and elegance—the former engine room, repurposed into a stunning assembly hall. Featuring an awe-inspiring eight-meter ceiling, gorgeous cherry wood floors, and meticulously restored windows, ladders, cranes, and doors, this room offers an impressive and stylish backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

At this exceptional location, each couple can invite up to 30 guests, including photographers and other essential participants, to witness and capture the special moments of your ceremony. It's a unique setting that beautifully blends history, industrial aesthetics, and a touch of modern elegance for a truly unforgettable wedding experience.


APRIL 2024

Royal Opera House Copenhagen - April 20th 2024


Get married outside the Royal Opera House Copenhagen
Copenhagen has its own Opera house - you can marry there!


If you are looking for a memorable wedding ceremony, this is a unique opportunity to say ”I do” in one of Copenhagen’s iconic buildings.

The ceremony will take place in the foyer. From here, you have a view over the city’s skyline on the other side of the harbour and above you, the three magnificent light sculptures created by Olafur Eliasson are sparkling.

The Opera House in Copenhagen was inaugurated in 2005 and is located on the historical axis running from the Marble Church through Amalienborg Palace, to the Amalie Garden on the other side of the harbour.

MAY 2024

Saturday May 25th - Brønshøj Water Tower

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The unassuming exterior of Brønshøj Water Tower belies its exceptional interior architecture, making it a hidden gem for weddings.

Inside this 1928 functionalist-style building lies a unique space where you can exchange vows amidst a magnificent view of the concrete construction from below. The interior boasts a captivating concrete structure composed of pillars arranged in circular layers. This distinctive design is a local landmark and is protected, along with 10 other water towers in Denmark, for its historical significance.

Despite its humble exterior, the tower's interior has been repurposed for concerts and cultural events, offering a remarkable and distinctive atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. It's a space that merges history, architectural intrigue, and a breathtaking view, making it an extraordinary choice for couples seeking an unconventional yet unforgettable wedding venue.


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