Getting Married in Copenhagen Open Air Weddings 2021

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Every year the wonderful people at Copenhagen City Hall, celebrate the Spring, Summer & Autumn months by arranging 'open air' weddings at various spots around the stunning city.  This is such an amazing way to experience Copenhagen and make your wedding in Denmark even more memorable than it is already guaranteed to be.

"With our 'open-air wedding' concept, we wish to give couples a unique and unforgettable wedding experience where they get an ‘extra bite’ of Copenhagen to take home and experience both known and unknown locations in the city.

There is a choice between 18 exciting locations such as The Royal Theatre's Old Stage, The Planetarium and The Royal Library Garden. In addition, we celebrate love with special wedding events during Copenhagen Pride Week, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In 2021, Copenhagen will also be hosting the UEFA Football Championships, and we are contributing to the football fever with two special wedding events during the event."

Here at Marry Abroad Simply we will look after the application and the booking of these special ceremonies, there is nothing extra for you to do to book into these ceremonies, no extra documentation needed, witnesses are still provided, you still receive your International Marriage Certificates straight afterwards! So you can still marry abroad simply in Copenhagen Denmark!

All of these ceremonies are Speciality weddings and only €1045, which include all features of the Everything service, but with the addition of being in one of these awesome venues!


Planetarium - 10th April

For a wedding that is quite literally out of this world! Say I do under the stars in the Planitarium.  The area will be closed of an completely private, so you, the registrar and your witnesses can share this moment of writing your love in the stars.

Danish wedding elopement
Get married in Copenhagen under the stars!


The Citadel 15th May

This is a parkland that surrounds the fortress that was founded in 1626 by King Christian IV.  In amazing greenery the ceremony will take place in the Southern part of the park, you can say those famous 'I Do'  surrounded by oak trees and and the moat that surrounds the fortress.

Copenhagen easy elopement for foreigners
Take your wedding to Nature in a stunning location in Copenhagen


ByOasen 22 May

In the middle of the city of Copenhagen in the district of Norrebro, there is the most amazing green space where people meet and local schools grow vegetables, keep goats, chickens and rabbits.  And here, you can marry either inside the glorious orangerie or on the grounds.  For a quiet, heartwarming ceremony where you can see the green grass, smell the flower and vegetables and be surrounded in a wonderful wholesome area of the city.

Best place in the world for International couples to marry


Amager Common 5th June

Copenhagens equivalent to Central Park, a green area so natural and breathtaking surrounded by the high builds and castles of modern day Copenhagen.  This green landscape seems untouched by the city surrounding it and you feel as though you are a million miles away.  This area spanning from the island of Brygge to Orestad hosts, lakes, meadows, marshes and everything else you need to say your I do's and then relish in the nature.

Get married quickly for foreign couples
Getting married in Denmark in the Central Park danish equivalent!


Circle Bridge 12 June

The designer, Olafur Eliasson, said during its inaugoration in 2015  "I hope people will use the bridge as a meeting place - a public place. In contrast to the long, straight quay, the Circular Bridge will slow down, turn the gaze, invite you to take a break. Hesitating on his way is a bodily thought - and there is room for such thoughts in the Copenhagen urban space".  I'm sure he will be so happy to know that people will be making their vows in this special space.

Same sex couples marry fast and easy
Get married in Copenhagen near water, always has extra romance!


Royal Library Gardens 26th June & 14th August

The Royal Library is found on Slotsholmen Island in the city centre and the gardens are lovely and quaint and spectacularly maintained, so here you can say 'I do' in the shade of the old trees, flowerbeds and the sounds of the fountain in the background..  Intimate, private and wonderful.

Image from Copenhagen Kommune
Royal Gardens Denmark is truly stunning for a wedding


UEFA 2021 28th June

Ofelia Plads (Plad meaning square in Danish) is already a wonderful place to marry, and we have arranged weddings here for many couples who have all completely loved every minute.  It is a wonderful area of Copenhagen on the waters edge close to the wonderful harbour.  Well known for its open air concerts, tables and chairs, bars and restaurants it is the perfect place to sit and relax in the wonderful Danish Summer... or get married!

Copenhagen wedding
Getting married in Denmark is a happy and colorful event!!

Amalie Gardens 3rd July

Who doesn't want to get married in beautifully manicured gardens in the city centre in front of a royal palace and a harbour, surrounded by greenery and flowers.. In Amalie Gardens in Copenhagen this is possible in these amazing gardens that were designed and opened in 1983.

Image from Copenhagen Kommune
Danish Garden wedding in the centre of Copenhagen City

Opera House - 7th August

One of Copenhagen's most iconic buildings, inaugurated in 2005 this relatively new building is at the forefront of design inside and outside, ensuring the most amazing photos.

Copenhagen External wedding.
Copenhagen opera house! Just as fancy as Sydney!


Kings Gardens 14th August

The Kings Gardens are 400 years old, founded by King Christian IV, in the South western part of the garden where you can perfectly see the castles Rosenborg's towers and say 'I do' in the lush surroundings with your partner for life.

wedding denmark
Kings Garden wedding in Denmark is epitome of chic!


World Pride 20th August

 'Wedding of all the colours of the rainbow' day in the stunning Orstedsparken in the heart of the city.

Whilst the city is partying during World Pride, you can be married at a beautiful and memorable afternoon ceremony on the beautiful bridge in the park Ørstedsparken – a hidden gem right in the middle of the city centre.

Copenhagen Pride
Get married in Copenhagen Gay Pride 2021

Amagar Beach 21 August 

Imagine travelling to Copenhagen for your summer elopement and marrying with the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves crashing around you for your magical moment. There is actually a beach in the centre of Copenhagen, so you can combine that Danish island wedding feel with a City Wedding to tick all the elopement boxes!

Danish Island Wedding in Copenhagen
Get married in Denmark on a city beach in Copenhagen!

Thirvaldsen's 18th September

The Museum originates back to 1848 as Denmarks first public museum.  The building is stunning and every room shows a new collection of colours, architecture and painting.  The 'Kritussalen Room' is where you will marry and commit to your partner for the rest of your life.  If you are an art lover then this is an opportunity not to be missed as it is truly incredible.

Getting married in Denmark quickly
If you love art as a couple then this is the location for you!


Ostre Angaeg - 9th October

Autumn isn a spectacular season in the whole of Denmark, but if you are in the city centre the colours in the parks are sublime.  So the open park of Ostre Anglaeg Park sis a perfect place to say your vows.  Set in between the  Den Hirschprungske Samilng and The National Gallery, romance will be all around you as you marry between lakes and wild flowers, yet moments from the city centre.  Say your I do's on the bridgehead on the South western corner of the park.


Open air wedding Copenhagen
This location is a stunning Danish Autumn option for a fast wedding


Kunsthal Charlottenborg 11th December

Winter weddings are beautiful wherever they are, there is something just so magical about the cold and the light, but to marry in this beautiful courtyard in Copenhagen may just top the list!  The museum is one of Europes largest centres for contemporary art and the whole place is so vibrant, yet reminiscent of grandour and history.

So close to the city and yet so far from the hustle and bustle, it really offers the best of both worlds for your elopement.

Museum wedding in Copenhagen Denmark
Feel like a Prince or a Princess in this Danish location for your wedding!


Old Stage 17th December

The grandeur of this room is breathtaking, and really rather awe inspiring, it just carries a feeling of royalty and magic.

The registrars will meet you as you wait in the stunning balcony foyer and they will call you onto the balcony that overlooks the main foyer with  the statues of the Danish poets Oehlenschläger and Holberg.  Here you will say 'I do' in these amazing surroundings and leave with your certificates.

Theatre wedding Copenhagen
Truly magical Copenhagen location for you to get married in Denmark

The registrars will meet you at all of these stunning locations and they will take you through the whole process.  After you have said the words 'I do' in these amazing surroundings and leave with your certificates.

From all these locations, you are already in the centre of the city, so you can go and enjoy the wonders of the city as a married couple!

But rest assured - 


You are issued straight away with 2 Copies of the International Marriage Certificate which is legally recognised worldwide and is in the languages of English, Danish, Spanish, German & French. AWESOME!!!

Once you have paid us there is nothing further to pay (unless you want the Legalisation service with an Apostille), all taxes, government fees, external registrar, venue, witnesses if you need them, marriage certificates and organisation is included. Along with also our free incredible App on Apple and Google play that will contain all details of your wedding, maps, blogs and contact details of local suppliers!!

You just need to turn up and get married! The total fee will only be €1045 and as and we will send you a special payment link for this so if you are ready to go ahead then please let us know and we will start the process.

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