Summer Wedding in Denmark 2023

If you are wanting to get married in Denmark in the Summer you will find that June, July and August are the nicest weather months, with the longest days and the most spectacular light and if you choose outside of School holidays they are quieter, cheaper and you get the fun without the crowds. 

Of course Summer is wedding season and in the recent years is has been more than busy, so we will always advise that you get in touch, get your personalised documents list and get everything prepared and arranged as far in advance as possible.  We can make the application 4 months before the ceremony date, this means that we can get everything booked and confirmed, you can book your travel and hotel, before the prices get too high.

Let's start with the capital Copenhagen, Summer in any capital City is wonderful and you will not be disappointed with Copenhagen.  

Copenhagen is split into many areas and districts, you can read more about them here.  Nyhaven Copenhagen is glorious and colourful in Summer!


Nyhavn Copenhagen
Beautiful Nyhavn Copenhagen


A trip to Copenhagen would not be complete without a visit to Tivoli Gardens. It is the second oldest amusement park and pleasure gardens in the world (the actual oldest is also in Denmark around 10km away!). The fountains and rides are beautiful, with light shows after dark and an amazing food court its worth a visit no matter your age! Scattered throughout the park there are also local craftsmen selling wares.

Tivoli Copenhagen
Copenhagen is home to Tivoli Gardens


Get married in Denmark Copenhagen and visit Tivoli Gardens - or once a year on a select day there are weddings in Tivoli!

Gay pride parade in Copenhagen in February and August is a HUGE event with parades, celebrations, educational talks, dancing, singing, lots of love and happiness. It is quickly becoming the most popular and largest Gay Pride event in the world, and all are welcome, Same sex, transgender, hetro supporters - Denmark is all about the love. Denmark is one of the worlds top same sex wedding destinations to get married.

Copenhagen Pride
Denmark is a strong supporter of same sex weddings. All about the love!

Copenhagen Gay pride in August is an amazing event!

Then of course as around in all capital cities there is so much else to see and visit. Monuments, museums, parks and gardens there is literally something for everyone.

The Danes are well known for their love of food, and in Copenhagen there is no shortage of good places to eat regardless of your budget, tastes and style there is something for everyone.  One place that you can ,not miss is Torvehallern Food Market, this place is amazing and in the Summer you can take your food and sit on some of the wonderful tables, soaking up the atmosphere of the city of food.

Outside of Copenhagen then there are many other locations and venues for your wedding.

Let's start with the island weddings.

The amazing island of Aero

Aero has the nickname the island of love, and this is because it is a haven for couples marrying throughout the year.

If you like Jazz and also the Beach, you could combine this with your wedding and go to the Aerø jazz festival at the end of July! Aerø is a favourite location for International couples looking to get married in Denmark, and also a personal favourite of Marry Abroad Simply, as its a gorgeous Danish Island, you can get married very quickly after approval, and the locals are so nice!

Get married in Danish Island wedding Aero
Get married on a Danish Island in summer.



The Island of Bonholm

Bornholm is a place where the Danish like to go on holiday, and we all know that if the locals go there then it must be good. It is stunning and a short flight from Copenhagen you will land on this spectacular island.  A perfect place to mix elopement and a honeymoon.

Getting Married in Ronne
Another popular Danish Island for a wedding.


And then of course when we think of Denmark we think of lots of history and Scandinavian culture and we certainly have a lot of town halls in some of the most beautiful cities in Denmark.

Closer to Copenhagen there is the wonderful Helsingor, this is on the coast and is the at the closest point to our Scandinavian sister country Sweden you can see Sweden from the waters edge.  Also Helsingor is the home to one of the most dramatic castles Krongborg Castle, the ceremony room is stunning, on a recent visit myself and Leanne gasped when we entered the ceremony room.  The room is surrounded by the most beautiful stain glass windows.  This is a mere 30 minute train ride out of Copenhagen so easy to get to and from in the same day.

Get married in Helsingor
Helsingor ceremony room has stunning stained glass windows


Closer to the German border there is the wonderful town hall of Ribe, this is in fact the oldest town hall in Denmark.  The town of Ribe is stunning and is steeped in history.

Get married in the oldest town hall in Denmark in Ribe & Esbjerg
Getting married in Ribe or Esbjerg is a popular location


Close to Ribe there is the more modern city of Esbjerg, where there is a beautiful town hall where you can see the famous man at sea sculpture. 

Getting married in Esbjerg
Scenery and places in Denmark you would never imagine!


Both these town halls are looked after by the same wedding office and again they are so wonderful and every couple leaves with HUGE smiles.

End of August you can watch millions of migrating starlings dancing in the skies over Tønder, photos never quite capture it, and it's a famous site. Tønder is another incredible location to Get married in Denmark that is close to the german border.

Of course it's not just the location of your wedding, whether it is a beach wedding or a City wedding there are lots of other things to think about too!  What to wear, what type of cake to have, for lots of lovely ideas, please see our Pinterest board Getting Married in Denmark in the Summer.

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