Our Guide to Copenhagen and Getting Married There

When you are looking at getting married in Denmark, many people chose to either look at getting married in Copenhagen in Copenhagen City Hall, or if they get married in a Danish Island, or get married near the German border somewhere like Tønder or Aabenraa they often choose to stay in Copenhagen for a mini break. And we completely understand why - we may be bias but Copenhagen is one of the most wonderful cities in Europe! This brief guide of the suburbs and areas in Copenhagen will give you a very quick taster of what is available. Please ask your wedding planner in Denmark for more specific information if you would like, they are happy to help!

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as Connie Neilson a great Danish Actress said “If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with an appetite for the new and with respect for the old - somebody who takes good care of things and of people.”


Copenhagen City Hall Marriage

That just about sums the city up, it is stunningly beautiful, rain or shine, so why Copenhagen?    Let’s find out a bit more about it…


How to get around?

Getting Married in Denmark

Getting around Copenhagen is simple with its wonderful and easy to use metro system.  You can jump on the metro directly from the airport taking you to the centre of Copenhagen.  If you are getting married in Copenhagen you can be at Copenhagen City Hall from the Airport in around 20 minutes. Ask your wedding planner in Copenhagen for more information, see our video blog. The entire system runs 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week and it is split into three zones, for information on pricing please see the following website https://intl.m.dk/

And everyone is on bikes - Copenhagen is one of the Greenest Cities in the world, and leading in emissions reduction, the air is literally cleaner in the City than most other places!


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Where to go?

Copenhagen is split into several districts, all having their own personality and ‘vibe’.

Vesterbro, this area is for the ‘hipsters’ it is the old red light district but in recent years has turned into a cool and authentic hip area with fashion boutiques and and old school vibe.

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Norrebro, this area is culturally diverse, it houses some of the best ramen restaurants that you can find.  Pop down here for street art and creativity.

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Osterbro, the greenest area in Copenhagen, here you will find lots of people enjoying the parks and bike rides and quiet strolls, many people take a picnic and some drinks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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Of course, Copenhagen has lots of waterfront areas;

Christianshavn, picture perfect area lots of canals and water front houses and restaurants, it is made from lots of small islands and you can stroll along the quays taking in the smells from the restaurants and or sit with a glass of wine watching the boats come and go.

Getting Married in Denmark


Amager, where the hustle and bustle of the city melts into the water. It is beautiful viewed from an Inner Harbour boat cruise in and around the cities canals.

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Nordhavn, this area is all about architectural design.  Eat in one of the most impressive waterfront structures.  The area attracts the gastronomy from all over Europe and is flooded with design studios.

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Frederikesberg, this is its own municipality within Copenhagen, famous for its castle that is open to the public and well worth visiting if you have the time. It is also possible to get Married in Frederiksberg - which is a lovely location!

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Where to stay?

As the metro system is so easy to get around you can stay where-ever you want and the whole city is accessible.  Copenhagen Hotels are wonderful and cater for everyone.

Of course everybody has different tastes, needs and budgets, scroll through this list, and see what you like, alternatively don’t forget www.airbnb.com where there are some beautiful places to let.


Where to eat?

There 17 Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen.  However we know that not everybody wants to eat at a michelin star restaurant when there are so many other restaurants to choose from!

Please see the guides here…..


And Fork https://www.thefork.com/restaurants/copenhagen-c668649

And Eater https://www.eater.com/maps/best-copenhagen-restaurants-38

There is so much choice!  

And for one thing not to miss is the Torvehallerne food market, this large gathering of food stalls will have something for everyone, there's plenty of places to sit and eat, so go, grab what you want and meet your friends at a large table and eat, drink and soak up the atmosphere.  This is open usually between 10am and 7pm, please find all the details on this website https://torvehallernekbh.dk/


What to See/do?

Copenhagen City Hall Københavns Rådhus

Copenhagen City Hall

Was built in 1905 by the architect Matine Nyrop.  This is where couples will marry in Copenhagen. There are 2 ceremony rooms, one the main ceremony room and the second the Chairmans Hall.  There is never ending photo opportunities within City Hall, as you walk to the ceremony room you will pass the Grand Central Hall and then climb the stone spiral staircase to the ceremony room.  Up here you will see other couples and their families/friends waiting for their magical moment, photos are being taken and the atmosphere is one of love and anticipation and excitement. Anyone can marry in Denmark and for a fantastic service we recommend that you use an agency to guide you through your journey. 


Some of our couples have the luxury of spending many days in Denmark when they come for their ceremony, however some are only spending 2 days there and often say that they wished they could have seen more of the city, tasted more of the foods and known where to visit in the short time that they are there.

Of course we can help and we can suggest lots of areas, but for such a special occasion sometimes it's perfect to have a private tour of the city, by someone who knows it well and can take you to some of the 'unknown' treasures of the city.

Our good friend Sergiu The Guiding Photographer can offer these tours, with an excellent knowledge of the areas and can arrange the tours to be perfect for your individual wants and needs.

I lived in Copenhagen for 7 years and I know many of the good hidden corners of this scandinavian capital: small family restaurants & bars, many good sightseeing spots to see the most famous places, small cosy bars and cafes with fresh croissant and many interesting urban stories from past and present from Copenhagen.

Please contact Sergui for an unforgettable experience in and around Copenahgen.

Please see out Pinterest Board Copenhagen Things to do for some visual inspiration!


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