Why you should not make the application yourself to Danish Agency of Family Law

Getting married in Denmark is easy and the process is indeed easy - but as with everything in life, it is easy if you know what you are doing, NOT because it is actually easy.

Leanne is actually a Government documents specialist of over 25 years to date (yes she is that old yet looks so youthful!), and was bought into the industry to train the staff and be the director of one of the other large Agencies, so it is not as easy as just getting married in Denmark yourself and giving it a go to start an Agency. 

And as we say to couples, if getting married is the most important thing in your life, you are relying on it to stay together in the same country and your current future happiness depends on it - is it really the situation or time to be trying to save €300 on?

So please read below on why we think that couples do decide to go it alone and then some feedback from us as professionals as to real life situations and issues as to why we advise not. We have seen the tears and heard the stress, frustration and anguish of couples who think it is super easy getting married in Denmark and just a case of sending the documents in, and in 5 days you will get a license and can marry...... Oh if only it was that simple...


Cost of your Denmark Wedding

We know that when couples start to research into getting married in Denmark as they look at the price of an agency and then the fee or 1650dkk to process your own application, it can be extremely tempting to think that they should do it themselves?  Even if their situation may be slightly complicated or there are time limitations couples will still think that the process is so easy that there will be no problems.  Not only are there very strict guidelines for the way that the documents are sent, there are many areas on the application where a  slight error, a tick in the wrong box will mean that there is a call for additional information, meaning that there is a delay for the approval, in some cases of up to 4 months.

Your interpretation of a question and answer is not the same as the Danish Governments.


Additional Information

As an agency we make many applications and our request for additional information is under 1% of all applications made.  100% of these requests for additional informations are from areas that we have already highlighted to the couple.  If you are in the situation that you have an additional information then the wait for the approval can be anything up to 4 months.  This can be very stressful and as a direct applicant it is not always possible to speak to anyone on the phone.  You can't speak to you case worker and emails will remain un answered for sometimes months.

You are not told the reason or the issue, so 99% of couples will send in the same or new documents with exactly the same issues or different issues on as you do not even know what you did wrong first time round. But it will take up to 4 months for them to look at your new documents, send you another additional information for yet new documents and then a further 4 month wait. We have had couples stuck in loops of months of sending in incorrect documents.


Communication with the Agency of Family Law

As an agency we can speak to the case workers with a dedicated phone line 4 days out of the 5 day week.  We can speak about certain cases, get the files updated and make sure that everything is on track for each couple and their timeline. 


Choice of kommune

When couples come to us one of the first questions is when are you wanting to marry and how are you travelling to Denmark; with these answers we can start to work out which kommune is better for each couple.  Remember as a busy successful agency we speak to the kommune's on a daily basis booking appointments etc...  so we know their availability, how quick they can turn around and where we can recommend to couples.

Most couples going it alone make the mistake of not knowing when they get the license the next issue is then getting a ceremony, and they put themselves at a venue which is most convenient for them - like a German border venue. Generally venues which are fully booked at least 3 months in advance, so they have the license but then cannot get married, and cannot get through to the government office to change the venue, or change the venue to another with no space, and the added stress is there is no easy way to get to the Government office on the phone and a completely open timeframe for a venue change - it can be 2 hours, it can be 4 weeks.


Booking of the appointment

Our services follow the whole process from beginning to end, so once approved we know exactly how to make the appointment, get it all confirmed and then send you all the information that you need.  You can also ask us any questions that you need to along the way.

If you want to get married fast in Denmark we know the venue, if you need to get married near the German border we have it covered, if you are flying in and want to get married in Denmark in 1 day, turn up, get married and leave the same day - we know where to make it happen. 

As an agency we will look after you from the very first point of contact until well after your marriage, if you have any questions at all then you can easily pick up the phone, whattsapp or email your personal consultant and they will answer you within usually minutes.


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