How Does A Wedding Planner Help?


Marriage is expensive, weddings can be expensive, it doesn't matter what route you take, whether is a wonderful quick and quiet elopement, a big party celebrating your union or an indulgent weekend away with your close family or friends.  Home or away there is always an expense. 

And it's your day! You should have it exactly how you want it and if you can afford the bottle of expansive champagne or a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

However until we get to that point, and if you are in international couple, marrying in your place of residence or your abroad, you have to firstly think about the documents that are needed.  What documents do you have to provide? do they have to be originals? do they have to be legalised? if you need to get extra documents, where do you get them from? We have a quick little video guide here.

Searching on the internet can often give you a complicated jumbled up list of documents, you're not sure where to get them from if the one you already have needs updating.  Some couples will then get documents translated and legalised as they would if they were using them in their home country, with often a cost of hundreds of euros (just think of those wonderful shoes that that money could have gone on).  

Getting in touch with some government agencies can be so time consuming and sometimes just can't be done, you can be on hold for hours, refreshing your inbox waiting for them to come back to you, the romantic proposal soon turns into administrative nightmare that some couples wish they never started.


International couples marrying is easy
A wedding planner makes the ceremony application process easy.

Wedding Agencies are here to help, wedding planners/co-ordinators offer a service to ensure that you have only the documents that you need.  They can offer you up to date advise on how the system works, they are in regular contact with the government departments that will approve the ceremony so they can speak to them regarding your particular application and documents.  Occasionally exception can be made if documents are too complicated to get ultimately saving you money (think of the shoes and the champagne!). 

There is a fee to the agency, however to walk into the area of unknown and have some one hold your hand throughout the process from beginning to end can be such a relief and offer assurance that the process will be simple and stress free.  Agencies are there to help, to be at the end of the phone, to help you with the ceremony, the appointment and even restaurants, florists everything that you may need.  They are experts and this is what they do everyday.  They also love their job and love making people happy, can you imagine a better job than that!

There are lots of agencies to choose from in every location, so when choosing your agency please remember to choose one that you like, how is their response time? Are they friendly? Are they explaining things well? Do you feel as though you 'trust them'? all these are important questions.

If you are interested in getting married in Denmark and wish to speak to a lovely experienced and professional wedding planner in Denmark -  and want to know more about this subject, then please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help, and offer a free list of documents that are required for your wedding and how you get started.

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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