Get married simply on a Danish Island


When thinking about marrying in Denmark we think of International couples, same sex weddings, quick easy weddings, little documentation required.  

Danish Wedding


Then we think of stunning amazing scenery, dramatic coastlines, maybe vikings, beautiful Copenhagen and wonderful Danish islands where you can marry on the beach (weather permitting)!

Copenhagen wedding
Copenhagen City Hall is always popular for a wedding


Helsingor wedding
There are even Islands in the middle of Copenhagen!



Wedding in Stevns
Danish Islands are true hidden gems of elopement locations


We are thrilled to show off our three Danish Island wedding venues, each are at opposite ends of Denmark so there is one easy for everyone to travel to, each staggeringly beautiful, with wonderful registrars and where wedding couples are welcomed with open arms by the local community.


Aero Island

Aero Island wedding
Getting Married in Aero, it is known as the Wedding Island!


The town hall is in a gorgeous town called Aeroskobing and they hold ceremonies Tuesday to Saturday, same day document presentation is allowed and we can arrange ceremonies in a matter of days.

We love this island so much that it has it's own blog.  Aero is about 4 hours from Copenhagen, easily accessible by train and ferry from Copenhagen and the German border, for full instructions on how to get there please see here.  It is a stunning island and the registrars are so helpful and romantic that every couple that marries there feel as though they are the only couple in the world.  Every couple that we have helped marry on this island have promised to go back for future holidays because their time there was so precious.

The island is a mere 88km2 which makes it perfect for seeing the island on bikes and has a population of 6000 people.

Danish Island wedding on Aero
Aerø Island is quaint, Danish and known as the wedding Island of love


Bornholm Island

Getting Married in Ronne
Getting married in Bornholm is a popular choice


You can marry here Monday to Sunday with document presentation the day before the ceremony and there is a 2 week lead time between approval and the ceremony.

This island is in the Baltic Sea and about 4 hours from Copenhagen by car or bus, or you can fly directly there from Copenhagen airport which takes 40 minutes.  The island is fairly big at 588km2 and has a population of 39000 people.  So for a beautiful island wedding in a setting with a larger town environment then this is the Danish Island for you.  We have written a whole blog dedicated to this island because there is so much to say about it, please read here.

Getting Married in Bornholm
A marriage on an Island in Denmark is romantic, easy & stressfree


Fano Island

Getting Married in Fano
Near the German border, Danish side in Jutland there is a lovely Island!


You can marry at the gorgeous town hall here Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with same day document presentation and we can arrange a ceremony here in 1 week.

Fano Island is about 3hours from Copenhagen and also 3 hours from the German border,  and as it is facing the North Sea to the west the atmosphere and light is amazing.  It is based in Jutland and easy to get to from the ferry in Esbjerg, which only takes 15 minutes, and you can take your car.

The town hall is lovely and quaint and the registrars are wonderful (yes all the Danish registrars are wonderful in all locations, and they really really are!), and you can even take your dog if you want!

We are able to organise you fast and stress free weddings in Fanø town hall in under a month, with witnesses provided


Danish Island Beach Wedding


Danish Island Wedding
Fano Island

Alternatively, for a larger speciality wedding on Fanø Island, for we have a partner agency that offers the most amazing beach weddings, which will suit you perfectly if you have a large wedding group and party and can provide your own witnesses, and want something a bit special and outdoors, and a bit more coordination than a Town Hall wedding.

The prices start from €1195 dependant on the number of guests you have and the services that you require. But if you are looking for a Danish Island wedding over on the German side of Denmark this amazing company can help you with something simple, stunning and memorable, and a bit special.

This is an incredible experience with the wedding held in the Dunes of the 15 Kms of beach that Fanø has, with a decorated arch on the beach, you can have your own music played, and there will be decorated chairs for each of your guests to sit and watch your ceremony with you. You will also be put in touch with any local suppliers for hair, make up, photos, restaurants and places to stay.

The agency that we work with is Wedding Island and Lone will look after you every step of the way.  Lone was elected as Deputy Mayor on the island and part of the role was being the registrar at weddings, she loved that side of the job so much that she decided to do it full time, allowing Danish and International couples to come to the island and hold their weddings with their feet in the sand, their guests in beautifully decorated chairs sipping a cold (or hot) drink and making memories forever. And she of course can also preside over your wedding on the beach!

For this truly wonderful experience, please let us know if you would like any further information, and we can pass your details to Lone.  There is no financial agreement between our two agencies so you can go directly to the website if you like - details are here, we just love the services that are offered so much that if this is something that you want then we are more than happy to pass your details on.  It is always YOUR wedding day, and we are all about the love and truly want you to have exactly what you want for your wedding, even if we cannot offer it. 

We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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