How to Get to Aerø

If you are looking at how to get to Aero then this blog will certainly help you.

It really depends if you are coming in from North - probably Germany, or if you are arriving into Copenhagen and travelling down to Aeroskobing.

There are 2 main ferry ports on the Island of Aero, the top of the Island (Northern point, near Marstal) is likely the route you would take if you are travelling from Germany, and you would take the Fynshav – Søby route. There are 7 crossings per day and the crossing will take an hour, you do not have to book if you are a foot passenger, but if you wished to take your car you would need to book.


How to get to Aerø
How to travel to Aerø

If you are coming from Copenhagen it is very easy. You can get on a train either at the Central station or directly from Copenhagen City Airport when you arrive at Terminal 3. And take the train to Svendborg – this will take around 3 hours, and you will likely have to change once at Nyborg, but it is a very well travelled route and you will not have any issues.

Travelling from Copenhagen to Aerø
How to get to Aero from Copenhagen

Do remember that it is likely everyone will speak English if you are at all worried! When you arrive into Svendborg you will walk to the ferry stop and purchase a foot passenger ticket, or alternatively ring ahead and book your vehicle as they need to be booked on.

For ferry information, times, crossings and booking your ferry onto the the Fynshav - Søby route or the Aerø - Svendborg route then look here. They speak english and you can either call up direct on look on the website.

The ferry from Svendborg to Aerøskobing takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. And the cost is around €100 pp. It is faster to drive from Copenhagen to Svendborg and this will take you around 2 hours.

Danish Island wedding on Aero
Travelling to Aero easily from Copenhagen

The Town Hall is geared around the ferry arrivals and departures with regards to arrivals for presentation of documents, and then ceremonies finishing around 1pm for the day so everyone can return back on the ferries to the mainland again if they wish.

When looking at Getting Married in Denmark and considering a Danish Island Wedding, It is always the travel to Aerø that makes couples a little hesitant and worried. It is to be understood, it is a daunting thought travelling through a country you do not know, and completing a trip of planes, trains, and ferries to your wedding venue – the thought of the effort and the possibilities of what could go wrong can be mind blowing. But Aerø is worth the effort….It is a stunning quaint little typical Danish Island, and the cobbled streets and little coloured houses will melt your heart. And actually, out of every couple that has travelled there I have never ever had 1 of them say it was difficult, in- fact they usually contact me and say they were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was.

Getting Married in Denmark
Danish Island Wedding

It is one of the Southern Danish Baltic Islands and is around 20km long and varies in width from 8km to 4km, total population under 7000 people. You can certainly explore in a day with a car, but there is a free bus that travels up and down the Island all day. There are 3 main towns on Aerø – Marstal, Aerøskobing and Søby. The coast line is absolutely stunning, and you can have the best of both worlds with a Town Hall wedding and then a fantastic Danish Island Destination Wedding Photography session on the coast or in the lovely cobbled streets with the quirky colorful houses.

Get married in Denmark

The Town Hall where you marry is Aerøskobing, and this is where the Svendborg – Aerøskobing ferry comes in and out. The Town hall is just a 6 min walk from the Svendborg – Aerøskobing ferry, and there are a variety of hotels all walking distance.

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How to get to Aero Town Hall from the ferry
How to get to Aero Town Hall