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Here at Marry Abroad Simply, we truly believe that a wedding is such a unbelievable moment between two people.  We can arrange all the documents for you and get the legal side arranged, however the people that marry you on your wedding days are the people that count.  They are who you will remember, it's their words that will stay in your head...



Regions of Denmark
Getting Married in Denmark with a wonderful team who care about you




In Denmark we work with over 100 town halls, and ALL of the registrars that we work with are wonderful, they truly love to marry people, and they make each ceremony so special for every couple. We have known many of them personally and professionally for many years, and their energy, compassion, and kindness (and also humour and light heartedness!) makes not only our jobs and profession a joy, but also ensures the vibe, spirit and feeling in your ceremony is warm, loving, relaxed and exactly as it should be on your wedding day.


So as a way of introduction we have interviewed some of these wonderful registrars so you can get to know them and get a taste of what is to come for your special day. It helps when you turn up to get married if you already know a little about the people who are making your dream become a legal reality, and removes some of the wedding nerves.

Also these awesome bunch work super hard, and frequently go over and above, so it is nice for them to get a bit of attention and the spot light!


We will add to these all the time, have many more town halls lined up (they are very busy planning our weddings at the moment!) and also have the Familieretshuset (Danish Agency of Family Law) team contributing so please don't forget to check our blog section!

Eva & Lisbett at Aabenraa

Jesper at Copenhagen City Hall

Eva at Fano

Malene at Stevns


Signing the register in Denmark
Getting married in Denmark with the best wedding planners in Copenhagen

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