Getting Married in Denmark Gay Pride 2021


#youareincluded Copenhagen 12th to 22nd August 2021.

The external wedding on the bridge is on August 20th only. But there are weddings within the stunning Copenhagen City Hall every day during the Gay Pride event apart from Sunday 15th & Tuesday 17th of August. (The event is about inclusivity and acceptance, so please be assured that all love is welcome, same sex AND opposite sex couples)

Denmark was the first country in the world to grant legal recognition of relationships in 1989, and this was replaced by the same sex marriage law on June 15th 2012 – WELL DONE DENMARK!! Copenhagen is now recognised worldwide as one of the most Gay Friendly Cities, and the annual Gay Pride event  is famous! This makes it an amazingly perfect and natural choice for a marriage to be held for any same sex couples in the LGBT community, especially if you are living in countries who are not as progressive and accepting to marry and same sex weddings.

In 2021 Copenhagen has been chosen to be the home of World Pride Week 2021, and you can be assured that the Danes will open this celebration with wide spread arms, warm hearts, rainbow flags, and a true celebration of the LGBTQ community! 

This celebration will be called simply Copenhagen 2021 and the city is proud to be at the forefront of the Global annual Pride celebrations.

Same sex wedding Copenhagen Gay Pride
Gay pride parade Copenhagen!

How does Marry Abroad Simply help with these celebrations? Well as an avid supporter of all things LGBTQ and inclusive love, we have teamed up with the wonderful Wedding Office in Copenhagen City Hall and we are proud to announce that August the 20th will be the 'Wedding of all the colours of the rainbow' day in the stunning Orstedsparken in the heart of the city.

Whilst the city is partying during World Pride, you can be married at a beautiful and memorable afternoon ceremony on the beautiful bridge in the park Ørstedsparken – a hidden gem right in the middle of the city centre.

Same sex wedding Copenhagen
Ørstedsparken Bridge where you will marry in Copenhagen

What the evening will bring next is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to participate in the city-wide Pride celebration, or maybe have dinner with family and friends in one of the city’s many nice restaurants? No matter how you choose to celebrate your special day, you can be sure that the city will be buzzing with a festive atmosphere.


Same sex wedding Denmark
Ørstedsparken park in Copenhagen is stunning!

The weddings will be held between the hours of 15h and 18h on August 20th only so spaces are limited, the registrars will meet the couples at the park ensuring that each couple marrying there will have a magical, private, personal moment for when they become husband & wife, husband & husband, wife & wife. 


Gay pride week wedding Copenhagen Denmark
Stunning piece of nature in the middle of the City of Love

The ceremonies will be held in a secluded area of the park that will be designed specifically for these beautiful moments.  So if you would like to surround yourself with love, life, nature and complete inclusivity then please let us know and we will make all the arrangements for this to happen.  These appointments will be taken very quickly, so now is the time to start collecting your documents and making sure that we have everything that we need to make the application and get the appointment booked for you.


You are issued straight away with 2 Copies of the International Marriage Certificate which is legally recognised worldwide and is in the languages of English, Danish, Spanish, German & French. AWESOME!!!

Copenhagen Pride
Gay pride 2021 - Denmark is all about the love!


Once you have paid us there is nothing further to pay (unless you want the Legalisation service with an Apostille), all taxes, government fees, external registrar, venue, witnesses if you need them, marriage certificates and organisation is included. Along with also our free incredible App on Apple and Google play that will contain all details of your wedding, maps, blogs and contact details of local suppliers!!

You just need to turn up and get married! The total fee will only be €995 and as and can be paid for with our Denmark Priority Service, so if you are ready to go ahead then please make payment and we will be in touch!

Imagine combining your wedding day with a celebration of all things love, acceptance, happy, dignity and equality. The atmosphere will be indescribable and high energy. We cannot think of a better way for a same sex or transgender couple to mark the start of a married life.

Gay weddings
Same sex wedding supporters are Marry Abroad Simply!


Here you can marry in the beautiful surroundings with an extra nod to the LGBTQ community in the knowledge that you are taking part in one of the worlds largest Pride events of the year!

Copenhagen Pride is always a wonderful affair and this year there is an extra push to make the week long celebrations one to not forget!  

The marriage and recognition of relationship rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender persons in Denmark are some of the most extensive in the world. The country embraces all forms of love, and Denmark has become synonymous with acceptance and sexual orientation liberation. Gay marriage is as popular and common in
Denmark as non same sex marriages.

Pride Copenhagen
Rainbow love, all love, just LOVE!


Along with the amazing EuroGames that will take place in Copenhagen and  also Malmo in Sweden (just a short 30 minute hop from Copenhagen!), on 17-21 August there are 29 different sporting events where members of the LGBTQ community can compete at a high level in safe and fun surroundings, its a real celebration of same sex love in the Nordic countries.

Each event will hold their own tournaments, ensuring that all athletes can participate in a competitive manner in their chosen sport.  The organisers are expecting 6000 athletes to take part in this years games, so if you would like to register it may be time to dust of the trainers and start your training schedule because this even isn't for the faint hearted!

This is an amazing event where nothing is forgotten, there are sections for male, female and non binary competitors, there is an athletes village for the competitors to stay and mix with other like minded people and is truly an event that will bring a lot of attention to the celebrations.  Licensed by the European Gay and Lesbian Sporting Federation, this event is not one to be taken lightly


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